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Bipolar Final Essay

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Bipolar disorder (BPD) is a life-long disease that can be very dangerous if not treated properly. BPD can be treated, and people with BPD can go onto lead great lives despite having this disorder. A few famous people who have publicly admitted that they have BPD are Catherine Zeta-Jones who announced it publicly that she had BPD II, “so others can come out without fear”. Britney Spears, the pop princess, also said she was likely to have BPD to People magazine. Sinead O’Connor shared with Oprah in 2007 that she had BPD at the age of 37. Carrie Fisher, 54, (Princess Leia from “Star Wars”) was diagnosed with BPD at age 28. The writer Virginia Woolf also had BPD; at age 59, ...view middle of the document...

One interesting fact is that if one twin child has (BPD) there an 80% chance that the second twin will have (BPD) even if they have identical blood, eye, body looks and fingerprints, it’s still not 100% guaranteed (Taylor, Faraone, & Tsuang 2002).
Nurture and BPD
When talking about the nurture aspect of BPD, an important thing to consider is childhood trauma. Trauma is defined as a bad experience in many cases with violence. This, in some cases, causes a person to have mental and/or emotional issues lasting an unusually long time; this cannot be fixed. This could be a threat or death in the person’s life, serious injury or threat of injury, and sexual violence. More than 50% of people with BPD experienced a traumatic event in their childhood such as rape, stressful life event, physical abuse, or sexual abuse. This data shows that genetics is not the only trigger for BPD. If a person is having an episode due to BPD, medical assistance may be required. (Lee, Allison, 2015).

Criteria for BPD I and II
For BPD I, the patient must have had one manic episode; this could be followed by an hypomanic or major depression episode. For BPD II, the patient must have had at least one major depressive episode, lasting at least two weeks, and had at least one hypomanic episode lasting at four days long, without having a manic episode. To clarify some or any confusion, bipolar II is not a lesser version of bipolar I; it is a completely different diagnoses. Bipolar II can have much longer depression making it more difficult to treat.
Hypomania is like being high, from my research the hypomania feeling is like being able to overcome being shy, when in this phase the patient can temporarily forget the stressors in life. The mind feels perfectly clear, no clouds or blocked thoughts at all; it feels like BPD is gone and the brain is working again. The clarity of the mind without obstructions, it’s almost as if the BPD person is on micro-dot acid. Hypomania makes a person feels good in their skin with no pain, and forgiveness and love; this is taking place with no drugs. Many of the actors and actresses take advantage of the hypomanic phase; this is when they have major breakthroughs, accomplishments, and successes.
For some reason, something happens and the mania comes back, for no reason known. The racing thoughts come to the BPD victim so fast, they feel useless. Confusion comes like a huge black cloud in the middle of a storm, it blocks the ability to focus and concentrate on anything; the cloud is motionless as if it was standing perfectly still. Everything takes so much longer to accomplish, and the use of memory goes away so very fast. The entire room must be without light; just one television is used as a monitor for school work. Phones, people, and anything else that make noise or light must be removed from the room or it will distract, and this will cause nothing to be accomplished, they feel like a boxer with no sleep fighting for their...

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