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Biotic Components Paper

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Biotic Components Paper
Tammie Johnson
University of Phoenix

The longleaf pine/wiregrass ecosystem is a habitat of the Carolina Sandhills National Wildlife Refuge that is in decline along with species and wildlife that are dependent upon it for survival. It is the official state tree of Alabama and is specifically stated in North Carolina’s state toast. Many factors are part of its disappearance and change that it has incurred over time. This paper will discuss the major structural and functional dynamics, the biogeochemical cycles affected by humans, and how knowledge of the ecosystem’s structure and function can help manage restoration.
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Not only is the longleaf pine resistant to fire, but it requires fire to survive as a natural process. Many native wildlife species dwell in longleaf communities such as white - tailed deer, bobwhite quail, wild turkey, and fox squirrel. It is referred to by scientist as a center for biodiversity.
The longleaf pine forests were untouched for years until people became interested in profits and found a limitless treasure in the pine forest. It became use for shipbuilding as a form of waterproofing. Turpentine and rosin was made from a gummy resin that was contained in the trees but the destructive methods of gathering the gummy source killed many trees. Longleaf pine became one of the most sought after timber trees in the country due to its great strength and shipped all over the world to build bridges and factories.
To date, longleaf pine is an ecosystem that is in danger everywhere in the South. Private ownerships continue to decline, because they are being replaced with faster growing species, despite the growing knowledge about the beneficial role of fire, many landowners do not burn the pine forests enough or at all. There are efforts being made to restore...

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