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Bioremediation Essay

2200 words - 9 pages

Topic-“Human Sustains Nature Detains”
Q.1)The usage of four wheelers has considerably increased in the last 15 years.Do you think it is harming the environment?
a)Yes b)No c)May Be d)Not thought of
A.1) Yes, the number of vehicles, not just four wheelers, has increased many folds, leading to air pollution, noise pollution and felling of trees, since more roads need to be built to accommodate the vehicular density of this city.

Q.2)Do you prefer microwave cooking over gas cooking at home?
a)Sometimes b)Never c)Occasionally d)Always
A.2) I sometimes prefer to use the microwave for short term heating purpose only. For an extended stretch of time, always use the piped ...view middle of the document...

Q.8)Do you think these kind of concepts help protecting the nature and environment?
a)Certainly b)Not at all c)To some extent d)Definitely
A.8) Absolutely, such concepts are made with the aim of protecting the environment and they do, if not much, contribute towards a greener living conditions.

Q.9)The high usage of CFC’s in the form of deodorants and shaving sprays affect our environment.How far do you agree with the statement?
a)Completely Agree b)Partially Agree c)Partially Disagree d) Completely Disagree
A.9) Many international companies go through a rigorous process of testing their products before they launch them for public use. I make it a point to use only those products which do not harm the environment.

Q.10)The rate of deforestation and urbanization has increased in the last 20 years.DO you think the need of hour is maintaining ecological balance?
a)Yes b)No c)May Be d)Not sure
A.11) Balance of any kind is essential to maintain viable living conditions for all sorts of living beings. The increased rate of deforestation presses on the issue of maintaining an ecological balance.

Q.11)What activities according to you should be undertaken to maintain ecological balance.Arrange the activities given below as per the priority:
a)stop using plastic b)less use of CFC’s c)planting more trees and maintaining green belts wherever possible d)stop overuse of water
A.11) C, A , D, B
Planting more trees is the foremost requirement to maintain eco-balance. Banning plastic bags has worked to a great extent in diminishing non-biodegradable garbage. Water is as precious as any other resource of nature. Use of CFCs has already been reduced to manageable levels.

Q.12)What do you think could be the probable reason of the recent havoc in hills:
a)Over construction b)Government failure c)Natural climatic conditions d)Irresponsible behavior of human’s towards the environment
A.12) Irresponsible human behaviour, including over construction along with deforestation, soil erosion, air pollution etc, lead to natural climatic conditions having adverse effect on the environment and in turn lead to large scale calamities.

Q.13)Do you maintain a kitchen garden or a garden at your place?
a)Yes b) no
A.13) No, in a city like Delhi, space is not a luxury everyone can afford. But, when I buy, I lay emphasis on having organic products without preservatives.

Q.14)If yes,do you prefer using a natural manure made of fruits and vegetable waste?
a)Never b)Sometimes c)Occassionally d)Always
A.14) Absolutely, organic products are best for the environment since they are biodegradable as well.

Q.15)If no then do you dispose off the waste properly?
a)Occassionally b)Sometimes c)Never d)Always
A.15) The Government provides different coloured dustbins for biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste and I always dispose the waste off effectively.

Q.16)Do you think our little steps can improve the environment and help us to save it for present...

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