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Biometrics Essay

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Biometrics and finger/palm printing

Tara Tatum
Team C


In many of the FBI’s high profile cases, one form of technology that has become highly effective is biometrics. The definition of biometrics is the science of measuring and statistically analyzing biological data. This scientific measuring tool is mostly used in identifying individuals whether anatomical or physiological. While fingerprinting is probably one of the oldest and most common forms of biometrics, other forms can include but are not limited to iris scans, voice recognition, palm prints, and facial recognition. As of late, the FBI, being a leader in the latest biometric technology, has created with the ...view middle of the document...

It is never thought of as a tool to help apprehend those accused of heinous crimes, but it is often seen as a way to invade or intrude into one’s personal space or life. Fingerprinting has been one of the more effective forms of biometrics simply because of the national database that houses billions of fingerprints. This database has been instrumental in capturing the most elusive of criminals simply by searching the database. The suspect may have left a key piece of evidence that he or she was unaware of and if they were ever arrested, which is more than likely, they can scan the database and thus apprehend the suspect, who may have eluded them for days, months, or even years. Palm printing, introduced later, was seen as being not as intrusive as fingerprinting, even though they require some of the same techniques to acquire them. Palm prints are commonly used to gain access to something and some advantages of palm printing are that it is easily integrated with other devices, and the public opinion is not one of distrust, but that it is used solely as a way of identifying a person or persons. The disadvantages can include the cost to maintain the machine and the fact that not all people may be able to utilize it, I. e. someone with a disability.

Other forms of Biometrics
Other effective forms of biometrics can include facial recognition, Iris scan, and voice recognition. Of the three...

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