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Biomass Energy In Ruse Region Essay

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Current Status of Biomass Energy
There exists a large potential to utilize biomass as an energy source in Bulgaria. Bulgaria has a total land area of approximately 110,000 km2, of which some 6,200,000 ha, or approximately 60 percent of the overall land area, consists of arable and agriculture lands, and 3,903,000 ha, or approximately 30 percent, is forest cover. While information regarding the use and potential of biomass has been limited, there have been recent developments through pilot projects and preliminary evaluations that do begin to highlight Bulgaria’s full potential. Next to the country’s hydro resources, biomass accounts for a sizable share of ...view middle of the document...

There have also been numerous non- profit and non-governmental organizations that have
sprouted up in recent years. Organizations such as Sofia Energy Center whose involvement in OPET (Balkan Organizations for the Promotion of Energy Technologies) and FEMOPET (Follow Member of the Network of Organizations for Promotion of Energy Technologies), EnEffect, as well as the Black Sea Regional Energy Centre (BSREC) all maintain a significant interest into the development of biomass resources.

Biomass Energy Resource Potential
As a part of the National Energy Strategy till. 2020, utilization of the country’s renewable energy sources will be emphasized, as the push for a reduction of the reliance on foreign imported fuels will take precedence. In addition, the development and approval of the Energy Efficiency Act has also set the groundwork for the promotion and development of renewable energy projects in the upcoming years. It has also been stated that a National Energy Efficiency Review is in the developmental stage which will subsequently results in the drafting of an Action Plan that concentrates on the use of renewable energy sources. The Ministry of Environment and Waters has also been designated with certain responsibilities regarding the utilization of renewable energy resources that coincide with the reduction of environmental pollution. It is through these and other legislative instruments that the government has also made special allowances and incentives for the promotion of renewable energy project, which are noted in the proceeding sections.
Summarizing the existing number of studies the estimated theoretical potential of biomass is 3,608,000 t per year. The results of which do not consider consumption of rural residential heating and cooking purposes. In some researches made under PHARE program in the period of pre-accession 2002-2004 it has been estimated a total yearly potential for biomass generation as follows:

Fuelwood: 2 146 761 t
Woody waste: 942 232 t
Agricultural solid waste: 4 912 000 t
Agricultural liquid waste: 494 860 000 m3 (as biogas)
Biofuel: 60 000 t
Energy crops: 2 000 000 t

As per an assessment made by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development for the Renewable Energy Resources the following overview and identification of various sectors and the estimated potential of each might be done:

Existing energy potential ~ 68 ,61,000 MWh/yr Estimated on the basis of:
- forested area: 3 329 000 ha
- sanitary harvesting rate: 1% per year
- efficiency of burning equipment: 75%

Existing energy potential - N/A
Sufficient studies have not been completed

Existing energy potential - wood processing
Industry ~ 1,100,000 MWh/yr
Estimated on the basis of:
- harvested wood material
- manufactured wood products
- imported wood material
- exported wood material
Utilized energy...

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