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Biology Vocabulary Essay

2608 words - 11 pages

1. Biology: The study of life
2. Organization: the high degree of order within an organism's internal and external parts and in its interactions with the living world
3. Cell: the smallest unit that can perform all life's processes
4. Unicellular: made up of one cell
5. Multicellular: multiple cells
6. Organ: a structure that carries out specialized jobs within an organ system
7. Tissues: groups of cells that have similar abilities and that allow the organ to function
8. Organelles: Tiny structure that carries out functions necessary for the cell to stay alive
9. Biological molecules: the chemical compounds that provide physical structure and that bring about movement, energy, use, ...view middle of the document...

Reproduction: to produce another organism like it’s self
24. Prediction: Is a statement made in advance that states the results that will be obtained from testing
25. Gene: a short segment of DNA that contains instructions for a single trait
26. Microscope: Is an instrument that produces an enlarged image of an object
27. Mass: quantity of matter an object has
28. Elements: substances that cannot be broken down chemically into simpler kinds of matter
29. Atom: simplest particle of an element that retains all of the properties of that element
30. Nucleus: atoms’ central region which is made up of protons and neutrons
31. Proton: subatomic particle with a positive charge located in nucleus of atoms
32. Atomic number: number of protons in the nucleus of an atom
33. Mass: number the sum of the numbers of protons and neutrons in the nucleus of an atom
34. Electron: subatomic particle that has a negative charge
35. Orbital: three-dimensional region around a nucleus that indicates the probable location of an electron
36. Isotopes: atoms of the same element that have a different number of neutrons
37. Compounds: substance made up of atoms of two or more different elements joined by chemical bonds
38. Chemical bonds: attractive forces that hold atoms together
39. Covalent bond: when two atoms share one or more pairs of electrons
40. Molecule: smallest unit of matter that can exist by itself and retain all of a substance's chemical properties
41. Ion: an atom or molecule with an electrical charge
42. Ionic bond: attractive force between oppositely charged ions which forms when electrons are transferred from one atom to another
43. Energy: the ability to do work
44. Chemical reaction: process by which one or more substances change to produce one or more different substances
45. Reactants: substance or molecule that participates in a chemical reaction
46. Product: a substance that forms in a chemical reaction
47. Metabolism: all the chemical reactions that occur in an organism
48. Activation energy: the minimum amount of energy required to start a chemical reaction
49. Catalyst: substance that changes the rate of a chemical reaction without being consumed or changed significantly
50. Redox reaction: a reaction in which electrons are transferred between atoms; also known as an oxidation-reduction reaction
51. Oxidation reaction: chemical reaction where a reactant loses one of more electrons so tht the reactant becomes more positive in charge
52. Reduction: reaction chemical change where electrons are gained, and becomes more negative in charge
53. Polar molecule: with opposite charges on opposite ends
54. Hydrogen bond: force of attraction between a hydrogen molecule with a partial positive charge and another atom or molecule with a partial or full negative charge
55. Cohesion: attractive force that holds molecules of a single substance together
56. Adhesion attractive force between two particles of different substances...

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