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Biology Paper

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“Biology Article”
Yolanda Haskins
Professor Lynn Roginsky
Introduction to Biology
May 9, 2013

A New System for Cancer Detection
This article summarizes a new technique that would allow for cancer cell detection without being invasive to a person’s body. It states that currently, human cancer cell detection is conducted through a person being cut on or biopsied. This new procedure allows for humans bodily fluids to be utilized in detecting cancer cells. P.Chandra states, “While current cancer-diagnosis methods rely on an invasive biopsy” to relay that many may not feel the need or desire to undergo biopsy, a type of simplistic surgery, for cancer cell detection.
This article relates to this course by the basic information I learned about the plasma membrane known as cell membranes. ...view middle of the document...

This article caught my attention due to my family member surviving stage four cancer twice. Her survival made me think if early detection for women. If this procedure is as accurate as the inventor claims and research proves it to be so and be non-evasive, I believe it can increase the early detection rate and thus lead to a higher rate of cancer survivors. This article also appeals to everyone in our country. Thus far, no human has been shown to be immune to the disease, cancer. This application of the disease makes it interesting for study and interesting to find any and all cures that can lower the rate of people obtaining the disease or the disease killing people.
This research should be funded through federal tax dollars. With the increase and concern over insurance coverage, rates, and Americans health status, this can be a great part of the government’s health plan and initiative to increase the life span and health status of American citizens. This research can reduce the death rates in our country and allow for longer life spans. This is a social issue and thus a social concern that relates to the goals set forth by our government. This, is therefore, a justifiable taxpayer money funded research project. Other areas of research may involve years of study to get proven results. This study seems to require minimal overhead with immediate results that can save lives. Cancer is a disease which shows no discrimination and can affect any American. Everyone in our country can be involved with dealing with cancer as a disease or having a loved one, family member, or community member affected by it.

A new system for cancer detection,
Biology Today and Tomorrow Without Physiology, Chapter 3, p.50

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