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Biology Osmosis Essay

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Temperature has a great effect on osmosis. Based on our data, the bags that contained water at 55 degrees Celsius had a much greater rate of osmosis than the bags at 15 degrees Celsius. When the environment is heated up, reactions occur at a much faster rate. This is because the extra heat provides more energy. Increasing the concentration also increases the rate of osmosis. This is because there is a lesser concentration of water inside the bag in the 40% rather than the 15%. The water will rush into the bag at a greater rate because of this. Our data shows that at both temperatures the bag that had 40% NaCl concentration added more water faster than the 15% concentration. Every experimental bag increased in weight, but they did not increase at the same rate.
According to our data graph, the concentration of NaCl that would be isotonic to the contents of the ...view middle of the document...

In the 0.6% NaCl solution, the cells were more withered and misshapen as water rushed out of these cells due the increase in concentration of NaCl in the environment. Hemolysis occurred when pure water was added, due to the water entering the cells causing them to expand. Crenation occurred at the 2.0% when water would leave the cells and cause them to shrivel.

My hypothesis was that the 40% concentration at 55 degrees Celsius would have the greatest effect of osmosis. I thought this because I knew that a high temperature and a high concentration gradient would affect the rate of osmosis. My hypothesis was supported by our data.
When the NaCl solution was added to the Elodea cell, the water rushed out of the cell due to the concentration outside of the cell. This causes the cell membrane to lose it’s rigidity and the chloroplast get moved more into the center of the cell as the membrane begins to move more to the center. When the distilled water was added, water rushed back into the cell and pushed the cell membrane back to the original spot. The chloroplasts returned to the outside of the cell.
Human red blood cells do not have a nucleus in red blood cells, and neither does cow red blood cells. This is because they are both mammals and have similar genes. Along with that, cows would also have nuclei in their white blood cells, the same as humans. In the 0.2% NaCl solution, the supernatant and pellet were spread throughout the solution and the color of the sample was a lighter red. In the 2.0% NaCl solution, the supernatant and pellet were more at the bottom. This also, made a very dark red solution. In the 2.0% NaCl blood suspension, the blood cells were smaller and oddly shaped, compared to the fresh blood sample. This is because the cells in the NaCl solution had the water move out of the cell due to osmosis, causing loss of size and change in shape. The change in shape is caused, because when water leaves the cell, the cell membrane loses its rigidness. This makes the cell look like a different shape.

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