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Biology, Origin Of The Earth Essay

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Martim Fortes
Origin of the earth

Ever since the dawn of mankind, people have glanced at the stars looking for answers. Answers about how starts were made, what was out there but most of all, how was our planet created. For many years most thought it was god to create the Earth, but as years went by and science took a bigger part in peoples life, a couple of revolutionary man started looking into this. Searching for answers which had been denied by the church for hundreds of years. They digged into the past where many secrets were hiding. The first theories about our solar system and galaxy started to spread, until finally scientists got an explanation of how the universe ...view middle of the document...

725 degree of Cosmic Microwave Background radiation. This are some remains of the state in which our universe once was. There are many other discoveries which can back up the Big Bang theory, but none can really almost proove it. All of the theories about Earth's creation are just thoughts based in what we have found. That's why they are called "Theories". The Big Bang theory has been evolving since the first idea of it. It´s an idea that will probably always be changing since people are always discovering new things. The discoveries that geologists are making today will be added to the theory tommorow so it always updated. People do not have a way to exactly know if even the updates are right but there are some doubtfull statements in the Big Bang theory.
Billions of years later our solar system started to be created. In the middle of our galaxy (the Milky Way) our protosun (which defines as-The condensation of material that lay at the center of the solar nebula and accreted material from it to form the sun.) was collapsing due to the force of it's gravity. As it was compressed it started heating and heating. As it's temperature increased at incredible speed it was getting ready for a nuclear fusion reaction to occur. Another way to see it is as an atom bomb waiting to be detonated. When the sun was finally "detonated" it sent great amounts of energy everywhere, alongside with this huge pieces of matter and small particles which were also sent off, some were able to escape the gravitational pull of the sun and drift through space, while others went back. As the matter clouds orbited around the sun some were pulled to the sun... While the few which were able to fail to come back to the sun attracted other pieces of matter to join them. As this clouds got bigger they started getting gravities of their own. So other big matter clouds orbited them. Because these "clouds" were sent at a high speed out of the sun, they were spinning. While spinning they cooled down which allowed solid crusts to form. Eventually they got big enough to be planets. This all happened because of gravity and compression. Gravity in taking part of pulling more mass to the small planets and compression for heating up the sun and sending the matter clouds to outer space. Matter clouds which were pulled together to create what is known as planets and moons.
4.4 billion years matter clouds were all around our galaxy after our suns formation. As the...

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