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Biology Lab Report On The Effects Of Different Bio Toxins On E. Coli

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Introduction This experiment investigates the rapidity with which Escherichia Coli can develop complete resistance under strong selection in the lab. Water was chosen as a control, and triclosan, household chlorine/bleach, as well as penicillin were compared amongst each other. Biocides have been incorporated into a wide variety of consumer products because it is thought to protect humans from potentially harmful microbes including bacteria and fungi. If a biocide acts in a general way like an antiseptic, then it is unlikely that any single microbe would evolve to be resistant to that substance; this line of reasoning was initially used to justify widespread use of triclosan as being ...view middle of the document...

Methods I began by swabbing the E. coli strain onto four agar plates, creating a lawn of bacteria on each. The water, triclosan, bleach, and penicillin were applied to a paper disk and placed on the agar surface in the center of the plate. Plates were incubated for approximately 24 hours at 37 degrees Celsius. Some plates developed an inhibition zone presumably caused by the inability of many bacteria to grow where a treatment had diffused through the agar. The boundaries of the inhibition zones were generally well defined. For each plate, three measurements were taken of the zone of inhibition. A sample of bacteria was swabbed from around the inhibition zone of the most resistant bacteria (or, where there was no inhibition zone as in the controls, from a ring around the disk) and allowed to grow in liquid media for 24 hours. This procedure was repeated Monday through Thursday, for three weeks.Results Stage of Resistance # - Inhibition Zone (mm)Water - 0mm 1. Triclosan - 10mm 1. Chlorine/Bleach - 25.5mm 1. Penicillin - 3mm 2. Water - 0mm 2. Triclosan - 10mm 2. Chlorine/Bleach - 27mm 2. Penicillin - 2.75mm 3. Water - 0mm 3. Triclosan - 9.5mm 3. Chlorine/Bleach - 24mm 3. Penicillin - 2.75mm 4. Water - 0mm 4. Triclosan - 9mm 4. Chlorine/Bleach - 27mm 4. Penicillin - 2.25mm All the plates treated developed a slight resistance within four generations, with the exception of chlorine/bleach. The chlorine/bleach fluctuated between 24 and 27mm, showing a generally constant inhibition zone respectively. Triclosan and penicillin developed resistance more gradually; it was possible to observe that the inhibition zone disappears not just by shrinking its borders, but by a steady increase in growth within the inhibition zone. Plates treated with water for three generations and then treated with the other biocides for the fourth generation showed an inhibition zone, indicating that they retained lack of biocide resistance from the original strain.DiscussionThis experiment provides evidence that E. coli can develop resistance to triclosan and penicillin under selection in a lab. Chlorine/bleach, on the other hand, appears to vary but stay within a particular range, as well...

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