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Biology Gm Foods Essay

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Biology essay: The advantages and disadvantages of genetically modified foodFor thousands of years we temped with genes of plants by traditional breeding, but only within the same species. Genetic modified food start to take place all over the world in the 20th century. This is the movement of genetic material from one organism to another but the type of organism does not have to be the same, which means that it could be a movement from a gene of the human organism to a gene from an organism from a tomato or another vegetable. The number of food on the EU market increase and round 1995 was the percentage of gene manipulated soybeans at 2% while in 2000 it was over 80%.The main reason why ...view middle of the document...

For example: water pollution, soil erosion and the soil get less fertile.In addition scientists plan to create food which does not cause allergic reactions, food which is better for health and even food which protect you against cancer.In 1964 the International Rice Research institute found a way to double the quantity of rice produced. This "operation" was called `Green Revolution` and was the first step against world hunger. This specific gene allowed 3rd world countries to farm their harsh land which is quite a lot space. It also increased the amount of crop which was produced in a harvest. But as we know nearly every positive and new idea in this topic brings bad things within. In 1980 other sorts of wheat was so far gene manipulated that the amount of the harvest increased greatly and the wheat was able to get farmed on harsh land. However instead that the poor small farmer with little land in 3rd world regions got this wheat, big farm industries in the west made too much. So the western countries had too much and the 3rd world regions lived still without enough to eat and without work. For a small Mexican farmer, for example, it was cheaper to buy maize from shop than farm it themselves. And not only in the third world also in the western regions small farmers couldn't improve from this new kind of plants and get in the ruin because the big farmer produce so much that it is much cheaper to buy from them then from small farmer.Moreover there have been already some heavy accidents with gene manipulated food. For example got a modified salmons which grows twice as fast and get the double size as a "normal" wild salmon in the preserve so that in a specific time there will not be any salmons as they have been ten years ago. Also Greenpeace say that they found some toxic proteins in the modified maize Bt-11, which is already on the US market.As well we have got...

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