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Biology, Bad Genes: A Relationship For Crime

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Betty Waltermire
JUS-250 Critical Issues in Criminal Justice
March 21, 2014

Biology, Bad Genes: A Relationship for Crime
Every hour of every day is the time it takes for two citizens to die due to violence. During the same time 250 citizens will need medical attention for an injury related to violence. With each passing hour the cost mounts, on average over a million dollars for each violent fatality and several tens of thousands for each non-fatal assault. These figures are enormous compared to other health issues of this century (Buckholtz, 2012).
There is little effort on the aims of scientist and criminal law that ...view middle of the document...

There are differences in human behavior of all kinds and this behavior is driven by differences in the way our brains work. The other part is of course environment which also shapes behavior by shaping brain functions (Buckholtz, 2012).
There is widespread support in Europe and the United states for linking scientific methods and data to crime prevention. The effort to predict “future dangerousness” is a belief that we can reduce antisocial behavior by identifying those most likely to commit crimes (Connor, 1995).
The brain, Neuroscience has allowed us to see into the black box of the mind. Advances in brain imaging and genomic science have begun to give insight on the biological origins of violence and anti-social behavior. Some have embraced this as the coming age of “neuroprediction” (Connor, 1995). This may become the double-edged sword we will get. To be able to use information obtained more efficiently and target social resources to preventing violence in at risk children. Also labeling any child as a “future criminal” is likely to have consequences.

The advancement that society has made through scientific research with adults and children have paved the way for that research to be used either in defense of or against the individual if brought to justice for a crime. As parents do you have your child or children’s brain scanned at birth to know if your child will become a violent person or a criminal?
The ordinary beat cop that you see in television show and movies is a thing of the past, now the new improved police officer must wear several hats to fill the position of police officer. He or she must be part counselor, psychologist, researcher, teacher, and pave the way by giving information vital to the individual as well as the crime to the detectives or crime scene investigators.


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