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Biology Article Essay

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Assignment 1: Biology Article
Cinthya Jacobo
Professor: Dr. Francie Coblentz
Introduction to Biology: SCI115

The article “Therapeutic Cloning, and stem cell Research” by Gena Smith is about how we can extract stem cells from replicated human embryos and use them for medical and therapeutic purposes. The stems cells are perfect because they are what the article calls “master cells” which with the help of science, can be manipulated to become anything from brain cells to kidney cells. The article also revolves around the amount of controversy over the issue of cloning. The article mostly reviews the medical side of cloning rather than the reproduction side which can one day ...view middle of the document...

Specifically, the biology concepts in this article are those dealing with DNA and the manipulation of cells. I feel like this course has provided me with the proficient background information that helps me understand this article and the issues around it because it has previously educated me on cell’s DNA and cloning in great detail. In effect I understand that the issue of using stem cells had controversy because many believe this will lead society to a path of breeding cells and cloning humans for spare parts and replaceable tissues as stated in the article "We recoil at the idea of growing human beings for spare body parts, or creating life for our convenience." This also goes against many religious beliefs and even against individual rights under our Constitution.
This article caught my attention because all through my childhood cloning was something one might see in a science fiction movie. It has fascinated me how far our technological and scientific capabilities has advanced over time. This relates to my life and is important to me because in the future I or one of my family members might need a lifesaving new...

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