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Biological Bases Essay

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In life we all have something we strongly like or dislike no matter what it is. I have found in my life I strongly likes leading, motivating, and dedicating people which leads up to the military police or in the world being a detective. In order for this to occur I will need to be discipline and be able to follow rules. I am willing to do whatever it takes for me to be that successful person in life; therefore, I am going to stick to going to school and push myself to where I want to be in life. To be successful, I have to get that proper knowledge first.
The subfield I believe is best suited for providing psychological insight into my preference is the developmental psychology. The reasons I think this suit my situation because of the fact it states in the book "developmental psychology means studies of how people change ...view middle of the document...

Phil Bryant, camp with JROTC, held positions in officer at school, and so on, so that should explain why I like leading,
motivating, and dedicating in my life.
I feel that biological bases of behavior have contributed to my preference with sensation because I love and I am excited about my strongly like in life. The military is a good field for me, and want anything stop my dream. When I am motivating myself, I feel as if nobody is in control other than me. Perception has contributed also to what I love to do because it gives me the ability to observe what I am capable of doing in my life as well as others to see I am willing to be a helpful hand. In order to motivate someone I have to stay positive at all times. I love motivating others to show them I believe in them, and they can achieve anything in life. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it.
Engaging in my preference affects my state of consciousness in dealing with the controlled processing. I say that because I have to pay close attention to what you do and say to others. Sometimes you may say something and someone might take it the wrong way. When I am leading somone, I have to look ahead and make sure myself is in the right path. I love the things I like to do in life, because it helps me to stay focus and do right by others. The military prompts people to stay focus and do what is right.
The role of learning to describe the thing I like is obeservational learning. The reason I say that is because being in the military as a leader, motivater, and dedicater, I have to play an important role and pay attention to what I am doing. If I do the wrong thing, they might follow up behind me and do it because they was observing my actions. Being a leader takes you to remember everything that has been said and done. I have to be capable of being that person people will feel comfortable around and talk to me. Having people to look up to you is the best feeling in the world.

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