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Biography Of Gregor Mendel’s Life Essay

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Biography of Gregor Mendel’s Life

Gregor Mendel was born into a German speaking family of Heinzendorf, Moravia, in the Austrian Empire on July 22, 1822. His family was a farming family. During his childhood he worked as a gardener. He didn’t have a natural aptitude for farming and wasn’t looking forward to his future in that area of work. His luck changed when one of his teachers realized how bright he was. As a young man he attended the Philosophical Institute in Olomouc. Mendel couldn’t afford it after a short while so he had to leave the University.

In 1843, Mendel then joined the Augustinian Abbey of St. Thomas in Brno to escape his financial worries and also have an ...view middle of the document...

During the time Mendel was working with his pea plants, controversy raged around Darwin and Wallace’s theory of natural selection. Mendel didn’t participate in that, but instead was hammering out the mathematical principles of inheritance. Darwin, and many others, believed that parent’s traits were mixed in their offspring. Mendel discovered that in characteristics in purple or white flowers are passed on to their offspring intact, but at different rates (most often a 3:1 ratio). He also discovered that some traits can reappear generations later, after seeming to seeming to disappear, and that different characteristics are not mixed but are inherited independently of each other. After years of working with pea plants, Mendel moved on to other plant crops to verify his findings. In 1866, Mendel published his results in, “Experiments on Plant Hybrids”.

Only a couple of Mendel’s reprints of his paper’s whereabouts are known today. Mendel had just made one of the most important discoveries in science, but when he sent his reprints to the other scientists, they supposedly didn’t get it. Many of the known recipients didn’t even bother to open his letter or read his work. Only one scientist bothered to respond to Mendel. This scientist gave Mendel some advice that was proved to be disastrous. Mendel then found out that Karl von Nageli, of the University of Munich, had previously experimented with hawkweed, a plant that has an obscure asexual reproductive method. He then started to experiment with hawkweed also, and lost all confidence in everything he had accomplished studying pea plants. In 1868, He gave up all his experimentation when he became abbot of the monastery, though he continued to work in ornamental horticulture in his spare time.

Mendel died on January 6, 1884 in Brno, Austria-Hungary (Now the Czech Republic), from chronic nephritis.

Inventions and Discoveries

Gregor Mendel is known as the father of Genetics. He discovered that traits from parents are passed onto their offspring and you can mathematically predict what traits the parents will pass on. In one of Mendel’s experiments he cross-pollinated smooth yellow pea plants with wrinkly green peas. The peas in the first generation crop (marked as f1) were as yellow and round as the yellow, round parent. The yellow completely dominated the green and the round dominated the wrinkly.

From this experiment Mendel learned that there are two kind of traits- dominant and recessive. In the case of the yellow smooth pea plants and the wrinkly green pea plants, the dominant traits are the yellow colour and the round shape because they show up instead of the green colour and the wrinkly shape. Mendel also learned that the inheritance of each trait is determined by factors, now called genes.

Mendel then went on with his experiment and planted seeds from the all-yellow, all-round crop which were the offspring of the parent generation, and...

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