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Biography Of Allen Pinkerton Essay

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Biography of Allen Pinkerton


Phillip Caudillo


Instructor Mark Morrison

Biography of Allan Pinkerton At the age of 35, Allan Pinkerton worked for the Chicago, Cook County Sheriff's Department as a deputy. In addition Mr. Pinkerton was contracted with the federal government to investigate numerous fraudulent and criminal activities, such as counterfeiting protecting the post office from robbery, and special operation assignments that involved detective work. In 1855 six Midwestern railroad representatives contacted Pinkerton offering him 10 thousand dollars for his professional service to organize and develop a special police unit specifically for protecting the ...view middle of the document...

Pinkerton was working a railroad investigation and discovered an assassination plot that was to transpire against Abraham Lincoln while attending an inauguration. Pinkerton forewarned Abraham Lincoln and his coworkers in regard to the threat and Mr. Lincolns schedule was immediately changed (Hoh, 2005).
In 1873 Pinkerton's security company was sued for supposedly intimidating the wife of a mail robber. Moreover, Pinkerton's hired security officers were said to have violated individual's constitutional rights, were accused of entrapment, and implemented on many occasions over the years numerous illegal violations in order to apprehend wrongdoers. A historical incident that occurred was when one of Pinkerton's detectives gained access to the Molly Maguire's, an assembly of minors who were thought to have been involved with murdering and intimidating mine owners.
In July 1892 the Pinkerton's were hired once again to take action against a strike in Homestead by means of a boat. As the Pinkerton's approached the shoreline, the strikers began to intimidate the Pinkerton's with the use of weapons which in return, forced the Pinkerton's to open fire on the strikers with rifles. A total of 12 men were killed due to this incident and the Pinkerton's finally surrendered. This behavior had placed a...

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