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Biography Linda De Mol Essay

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Linda de Mol

Name: Meta Speksnijder
Student number: 470168
Class: 1MEM904B
Course: TIB
Assignment: Written 2: Biography
Date: September 22th, 2009


Margaretha de Mol, better known as Linda de Mol, was born on July 8, 1964 in Hilversum. She is the daughter of John de Mol, who was a famous singer. She’s also the sister of John de Mol junior, who is the owner of the Dutch television company ‘Talpa’. The television career of Linda de Mol started when she was very young. At the age of twelve she hosted a television program named: ‘Wat je zegt ben je zelf’ for AVRO. This program was made by children. After Linda finished high school, she studied law for a few ...view middle of the document...

Linda became a big celebrity, not only in the Netherlands. Germany was interested in Linda de Mol too. She started hosting the program ‘Traumhochzeit’ in Germany, which was the German version of ‘Love Letters’. After that, lots of German programs followed: ‘Kollegen, Kollegen’, ‘Surprise Show’, ‘Hausfieber’, ‘Kindern für Kindern’, ‘Soundmix Show’, and more.
1999 was the year that Linda tried something new in her career: acting. Together with Monique van de Ven, Linda started acting in the drama serie ‘Spangen’.
Until 2005 she hosted a lot of programs for TROS. After that, she decided to work for her brother John de Mol at his new television company ‘Talpa’. John the Mol is also the man who created the first real life program ‘Big Brother’. Linda de Mol hosted the program ‘Miljoenenjacht’ for the ‘Postcodeloterij’, had a talk show together with Beau van Erven Dorens named: ‘Linda en Beau op zondag’ and released her own television program ‘Gooische Vrouwen’ when she worked at Talpa. I will recall the series ‘Gooische Vrouwen’ later on.
The television company ‘RTL’ bought ‘Talpa’ in 2007, and Linda started to work for ‘RTL’.
‘Gooische Vrouwen’ was also sent out by RTL.

Why is Linda so successful?

Is she so gorgeous? Not really. But what is it that makes her so special? When Linda de Mol walks in somewhere, there’s someone standing there. Linda de Mol is a real personality. She made some wrong decisions, but learned from them and kept growing. That’s her spirit!
Of course every success starts with talent, but you have to work very hard, to develop that talent. A lot of people are talented, but they just don’t work hard enough, or don’t even know they have a talent. Linda is known as the perfect daughter-in-law, evolved in the far more glamorous world of a real star....

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