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Biography Essay

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Steven P. Jobs, Pixar, and Disney: how would Apple be affected?

Monday, January 23, 2006 · 3:14 am · 24 Comments

“The calculus of the Walt Disney Company buying Pixar Animation Studios is, on its face, simple: big media conglomerate plus vaunted computer animation studio plus closer ties with Steven P. Jobs, the maverick Pixar founder, equals potential powerhouse,” Richard Siklos writes for The New York Times. “But because Mr. Jobs’s other job is chairman and chief executive of Apple Computer, a deal also raises the possibility of a warmer relationship between Disney and Apple if Mr. ...view middle of the document...

Siklos writes, “For example, would Mr. Jobs view Disney as the preferred content supplier for future generations of Apple iPods and other hardware that distribute and play media products like songs and TV shows? And would Disney’s media rivals be less inclined to do business with Apple as it introduced new services because they would be abetting a competitor? Similarly, will technology companies vying with Apple to develop new products for media consumption be less inclined to work with Disney lest their best ideas find their way up the California coast from Disney’s Burbank headquarters to Apple’s Cupertino campus?”

“The biggest question about what a Pixar acquisition would mean for the media industry broadly rests more on the question of how big a role Mr. Jobs envisions for himself at Disney,” Siklos writes, “But even if his position is a relatively passive one – similar, say to Ted Turner’s influence at Time Warner after he sold his Turner Broadcasting System to the company a decade ago – just the fact that Mr. Jobs will have such a large personal investment in Disney means that he will become more invested in a future where content companies can share in the spoils alongside device makers like Apple.”


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