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Bingo Research Essay

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Prof. Mukesh Sehrawat KARAN WALIA
AIMT DM13151035


The first and foremost reason of taking up this project was the great growth shown by Bingo chips even after the presence of well established competitors such as Pepsi Co.

What I have tried to understand in this research is the satisfaction level and the preference of consumers ...view middle of the document...

I extend my gratitude to Accurate Institute of Management and Technology for giving us this opportunity.
I am extremely thankful to our project guide Prof.Mukesh Sehrawat for his precious guidance regarding the preparation of the project report. The guidance has proved to be useful & without them, the preparation of this report might not have been possible.
I also extend our sincere thanks to the respondents, who helped us during the course of our project and for their gracious attitude.
I would like to take this opportunity to extend my warm thoughts to those who helped us in making this project a wonderful experience.

The Indian food and beverage sector is huge and highly competitive in nature. The industry comprises of several sub-sectors such as fruits & vegetables, meat & poultry, dairy, marine products, grains and consumer foods. Snack is one of the major segments of the packaged food division, which comes under the broad category consumer foods. Though the snacks market in India is dominated by the unorganized sector, the organized sector has shown remarkable growth in terms of market share in the last few years
The Indian snack industry has witnessed several changes since 1995. In the initial years, the market was dominated by two players – traditional snacks player Haldiram and ‘Uncle Chips’ manufacturer Amrit Agro. Later on, with the entry of global beverage and snacks player PepsiCo, the market dynamics changed completely. Now, the market is dominated by PepsiCo with its wide range of product portfolio. The other major players include Parle Agro, ITC, Parle Products, Balaji Wafers and Parle Wafers among others. A number of regional players have also entered the market in the last few years and are giving tough competition to the big players

* The Ministry of Food Processing Industries, Go I, has estimated the size of the Indian food market at US$ 19bn (Rs 8,600 bn)

* The processed food market is projected to be over US$100 bn, of which the primarily processed food market accounts for 60%, while the value-added processed food market is around 40%

* The average annual growth of the food processing industry has been around 8% between
FY 01 – FY 06

* The segments that have driven the growth are the beverages and meat & meat products and processed fish sectors

* The food processing industry in India has a share of 1.5% in the total GDP of the country, and as part of total manufacturing accounts for 9%

* India’s share in world trade in respect of processed food is about 6%.

Of the wide range of snacks available, potato chips constitute a sizeable segment of the Indian snack food industry, according to India Infoline, the potato chip market is generally an unorganized industry
Nearly all potato chip snack products are manufactured and sold locally
There is also no uniform standard for packaging, as there is in Europe,...

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