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Binge Drinking Notes Essay

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What is Binge Drinking?
Binge drinking is defined as "the consumption of five or more drinks in a row on at least one occasion." In national surveys (in the USA) about a third of high school seniors and 45 percent of college students reported at least one occasion of binge drinking within the previous 2 weeks.
March 26, 2004: The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse reports that, “More than five million high schoolers binge drink at least once a month.” As a Floridian who lives near one of the 'Spring Break" hot spots, this comes as no great shock. I guess there are a lot of parents out there who are surprised by these numbers and yet, what were they doing in college or when ...view middle of the document...

Teenagers report that alcohol is more easily available to them today than it was 5 years ago, and there is a high correlation between availability and use. In addition, alcoholic beverages remain inexpensive in comparison with other beverages, especially beer when purchased in kegs, often the center of a college party, or even a teenage party.
A factor that may add to the college setting as a high-risk environment for binge drinking is that youths on college campuses are targets of heavy marketing of alcoholic beverages. Beer companies are especially active in promoting to college students. Student newspapers and campus bulletin boards boast ads for happy hours with price reductions and other incentives that promote heavy drinking. Representatives of the alcohol industry, including producers, wholesalers, and retailers, sponsor campus social, sporting, and cultural events, even on campuses where the majority of participants are under the age of 21. If you are age 21 and over -- drink responsibly, but you already know that.
Prevention Strategies
Prevention strategies in response to binge drinking by young people include actions to reduce alcohol availability, such as increases in price, and responsible beverage service practices, especially at parties. Some communities require keg tagging, which requires kegs to be labeled with a serial number identifying the purchaser in case the keg is discovered at an underage drinking party. Other strategies include restrictions on marketing and promotion practices that glamorize heavy drinking, especially those directed at young people.
If you were told the party you are going to WILL have a keg (or a couple of them) or that there will be a bartender there & mixed drinks and you are under the legal drinking age, you might want to consider going somewhere else that night. Think about the risks before you go. If you are of age, please designate a driver to drive that night. That person should NOT drink at all. It just might save a life. Thanks!

Dumb Reasons To Start Drinking
When parents and teachers warn you about the effects of drinking they usually give you some dull statistics that don't really mean a heck of a lot to you. Why should they, they are just numbers and they don't seem very real to you unless you know someone that was killed or injured in a drinking-related accident. BUT drinking-related accidents occur every day to teens in the United States, Canada and all over the world where teens drink.
In many states in the US, you will pay a stiff fine or even LOSE your license for driving while impaired, even if no one is injured. There are good reasons for this law. You could kill someone else or yourself if you drive under the influence of alcohol. For more on your blood alcohol level, see the blood alcohol calculator. (The link is at the bottom of the page).
Beer commercials and ads for alcohol don't bother boring you with statistics, they make...

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