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Billy Graham Essay

945 words - 4 pages

Meredith Hancock
February 15, 2013
Instructor Thomas Joseph

The Christian Worldview Reflected Through Billy Graham

Billy Graham is recognized as one of the most influential, American Evangelical leaders of years past and even still today. He has lead over 210 million people to Christ and has guided over eleven different United States Presidents in major decision making, particularly Eisenhower and Nixon, through his preaching and biblical knowledge (Showalter & Yichao, 2010). Mr. Graham reflects this writer’s personal belief in God and assists her in understanding the Bible and recognizing it as her guide to a successful life on this earth and life after death. Billy ...view middle of the document...

This organization demonstrates how Christians can use their abilities and through God, work on this relief project to help the sick and less fortunate. BGEA expresses the values that the world should honor each and every day and through numerous money raising opportunities, Mr. Graham is able to assist with money, medicine and other technology that Africa may not have (Garfield, 2009). This writer feels very passionate about organizations like BGEA that teach God’s children of today that giving of themselves to help feed the hungry, heal the sick, and clothe the naked is just like what Jesus did in biblical days and requires us to presently do to promote Christianity. BGEA is a worthwhile organization created to promote the Christian worldview of giving freely to those in need.
As this writer reflects on her personal life and her relationship to Billy Graham’s Christian worldview philosophies, St. Jude Children’s Hospital comes to mind as an organization that will benefit from this writer’s contributions in their pursuit in trying to find a cure for cancer in children. This writer’s children are also guided to support the orphans in India that don’t have shoes and the African children with nets to catch the mosquitos. This writer’s personal Christian worldview encourages her children to give even the small change that they find under the couch, because she reminds them that every little bit helps, no matter how big or small, in providing for medicine, nets, or shoes etc.
Graham explains his relationship with God through his preaching. He has addressed more people face-to-face than any other person in history other than Pope John Paul II. He has written over 27 books and sold millions to people who need to know of God’s love for them. Graham has also translated the word of God into fifty different languages to share with those around the world...

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