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Billing System Essay

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International School of Informatics and management, Jaipur

Billing System




Table Content
1) Introduction 2) Objective 3) Project category 4) Types of Reports 5) Technologies and tools 6) Hardware 7) Future scope 8) Analysis of Present System 9) Problem of Existing System 10)Characteristic of Proposed System 11)Feasibility Analysis i. Need for Feasibility Study ii. Technical Feasibility iii. Behavioral Feasibility iv. Economic Feasibility v. Product Perspective 12)Data flow diagram 13)Entity Relation Diagram 14)Data tables 15)Flow chart ...view middle of the document...

Technologies and Tools
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Web Technology: (Microsoft visual studio 2005 framework 2.0) Database: MySQL Server-2005 Development Tool: MS Visual Studio 2005 Web Server: IIS Web browser: Internet Explorer service pack 1 Languages Used:, JavaScript Others: Themes, CSS

CPU configuration - AMD processors 4000+ series - RAM 1 GB DDR2 Monitor -17” color Operating System -Windows XP with service pack 2

7.Future Scope
1 2 3 4 This project will help the store keeper in fast billing This project enable store keeper to maintain a great database of all customers visited and purchase product from store. Project will enable to see report regarding product and category. Easy to maintain in future prospect.

Before we begin a new system it is important to study the system that will be improved or replaced (if there is one). We need to analyze how this system uses hardware, software, network and the people resources to convert data resources, such as transaction data, into information products, such as reports and displays. Thus we should document how the information system activities of input, processing, output, storage and control are accomplished.



Inability of modification of data: The managing of huge data effectively and efficiently for efficient results, storing the details of the consumers etc. in such a way that the database can be modified as not possible in the current system. Not user friendly: The existing system is not user friendly because the retrieval and storing of data is slow and data is not maintained efficiently.



Difficulty in reports generating: Either no reports generating in a current system or they are generated with great difficulty reports take time to generate in the current system. Manual operator control: to a lot of chaos and errors. Manual operator control is there and lead



Lot of paperwork: Existing system requires lot of paper work and even a small transaction require many papers fill. Moreover any unnatural cause (such as fire in the organization) can destroy all data of the organization. Loss of even a single paper led to difficult situation because all the papers are interrelated. Inability of sharing the data: Data cannot be shared in the existing system. This means that no two persons can use the same data in existing system. Also the two departments in an organization cannot interact with each other without the actual movement of data. No support in decision-making: Existing system does not support managerial decision-making.




No support in strategic competitive advantage: Existing system do not support strategic competitive advantages.



Easiness in modification of data: The proposed system provides managing of huge data effectively and efficiently for efficient results, storing the details of the...

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