Bill Of Rights And Amendment Paper

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Bill of Rights and Amendments Paper

HIS/301 United States Constitution

January 26, 2012

The US Constitution is a living document which was designed to be ratified when needed due to a changing society, or unfair legal practices that overstep human and or civil rights. Article Five of the Constitution made way for amendments such as the Bill of Rights, amendments thirteen through fifteen, among so many others that have made the United States the place it is today.

An amendment to the Constitution is a change that can be added to the Constitution or a change to an older part. Amendments are necessary due to changing a society and or some ...view middle of the document...

) (Article V)

Problems began to arise with the original Constitution when Northern and Southern states disagreed about the nature and presence of slavery. Federalists wanted a strong national government so that a feeling of law and order and basic functionality can be present in the new nation. And the anti-federalists, felt that without some way to measure for individual rights against the federal government, a repeat of the tyranny would happen again. The adoption of the Bill of Rights was the compromise by both sides. Federalists were happy because the federal government would keep its power to govern effectively, and the Anti-federalists were happy because the power did not come at the cost of individual rights.

The thirteen, fourteen, and fifteen Amendments are jointly the post Civil War legislative actions that effected a standard change in civil rights in the U.S. Due to the changes in society after the Civil War amendments thirteen through fifteen were necessary. As there were different items addressed in these amendments, the common elements were that of Civil Rights for Black Americans. For example: The thirteenth amendment officially...

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