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Bill Gates Essay

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William “Bill” Gates

Omar Ford-Bey
CIS 131
Mr. Campbell
22 April 2012
William(Bill) H. Gates is the chairman and chief software architect of Microsoft Corporation, the worldwide leader in software, services and Internet technologies for personal and business computing.
Born on Oct. 28, 1955, Gates grew up in Seattle with his two sisters. Their father, William H. Gates II, was a Seattle attorney. The late Mary Gates, a school teacher at the University of Washington regent, and chairman of United Way International. Gates came from a family of entrepreneurship and high spirited liveliness.
Early in his life, Bill was very bored at school and ...view middle of the document...

Bill told his teachers that he would be a millionaire by the time he was 30, this was one of the few times he underestimated himself, Bill was a billionaire when he was 31. One of Bills teachers was quoted saying "He was a helluva good programmer, but he's an obnoxious human being."
The intense lifestyle Bill lived during his first year in Harvard made him ill for most of the summer of 1974. Bill soon left Harvard for business opportunities in programming which turned him into a multi-billionaire. Later he met Melinda French who he married and they now have a little daughter named Jennifer and a son named Rory. It's very interesting that even with all that money Bill drives himself to work in an average family car and he even flies coach. A very interesting man and a very interesting childhood
Although Bill Gates is known mostly for his founding of Microsoft he also has done a number of programming jobs before becoming the world’s richest man. Bill Gates first programming job would be when he offered the principle at his high school a timetable organizer that would be more efficient and easier to use than what the principle had previously been using. Little did Gates' principle know that Bill had created the program to his own benefit; Bill made the program so that he was in all the pretty girls’ classes. Bill's second job was a summer's work programming in which he earned 4,200 dollars. At the age of fourteen Bill Gates and his programming buddy, Paul Allen thought up the idea for a traffic counting computer which would later be named 'Traf- O-Data' and earn them 20,000 dollars. But when word got around that the computers were being sold out of a basement by a couple of teens the business fell through. Gates also worked as a Congressional Page, which are young people who serve as messengers and perform administrative task, and at a programming company called 'TRW'. After dropping out of Harvard Gates created the first BASIC operating language for the computer. Although Gates has programmed a number of programs he is still going strong at it and is probably programming as I write this.
Throughout Microsoft’s life there have been many changes to the industry, but one thing that has remained constant has been competition. As a new product Microsoft faced potential competition from IBM’s Top View, and VisiCorp’s short lived VisiOn, released in October 1983, was the official first PC based GUI. The second GUI was Graphics Environment Manager (GEM), released by Digital Research in early 1985. The first two GUI’s lacked support from important third party developers; if nobody wanted to write software programs for a specific operating system there would be no programs to use and nobody would buy it. Microsoft long time rival and competitor in the industry has been Apple. In September 1985 Apple lawyers warned Bill Gates that Window 1.0 infringed on Apple copyrights and patents, and that Microsoft stole Apple’s trade secrets; Microsoft...

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