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Bill C 31 Essay

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Sexual Equality and Indian Government: An analysis of Bill C-31 Amendments to the Indian Act By Joyce Green This article deals with Bill C-31, what it stands for and how it has affected change for the Indians. Before Bill C-31 was passed if you were a status Indian women and married a non-status Indian man, you and your children lost your status and if you were a white women who married a status man, you received status. Also, Indians could be enfranchised, meaning they could sign their rights away. They usually did this for money. You could also be enfranchised if you went to college or went away to fight in the army. Bill C-31 was passed in 1985. This allowed Indian to get their status back and the government couldn't enfranchise anymore. Bill C-31 changed sections ...view middle of the document...

She took it to the United Nations Human Rights Commission. The Commission couldn't find Canada guilty of sexual discrimination, because of the fact that she had gotten married before Canada had made the Covenants official. After this important case women groups and equal right groups pressured the federal government of section 12(1)(b). This issue reached the Conservative government who registered Bill C-31. Under Bill C-31, INAC must report to Parliament about bands controlling membership and the impact of the amendments of Indian nations. Without participation of potential and realized reinstates any INAC report will mean nothing. A better way would be to put all the groups together, such as the Native women's organization, and status Indian organizations to form a committee to report to parliament. Bill C-31 isn't perfect, with the issue of land it doesn't make a commitment that the federal government will deal with opposing provinces to ensure land needs are met. There is also no commitment to provide private residences. There are some objections to reinstate section 12(1)(b) women and to grant status to first-generation children are rooted in three bases. The first is political. The federal government is getting involved in Indian government matters and Indian governments are not impressed with that. The second base of opposition to reinstatement is economics. Most Indian governments are very poor, and Indian land bases are immobile. The third base of opposition is emotional. Some Indians defend the Indian Act, because they believe that it protects their Indian rights. Also, they are used to Section 12(1)(b) being used for a whole century. In conclusion, Bill C-31 has it's good points and bad points. It can give back status but it provides no assurance of fulfilling land and residential requirements for returning reinstates.

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