Biggest Ports In The World Essay

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Assignment #4
Name: Marc-Oliver Bezenar, Harley Lorentzon

1. List the 10 biggest ports in the world and how is this measured?
There are several measurements that can be used to decide how busy or large a port is. It could be, for example, the area covered by the port, the amount of traffic handled or the gross tonnage processed. The following list shows ten global ports that have been chosen in consideration of size, gross tonnage handled and the role that these ports play in the import and export capabilities not only of the nations they serve but also the international imports and exports. 
10. Port of Felixstowe, United Kingdom
- Area of 1.4 square miles
- Accounts almost half ...view middle of the document...

Port of Tanjung Pelepas, Malaysia
- One of the fastest growing ports in the world
- Is expected to handle more 10.4 TEU’s by the end of 2014 (only 14 years after the port launched operations)
- Could overtake the likes of Singapore in terms of container traffic
3. Port of Rotterdam, Netherlands
- Larger part of the 20th century busiest port in the world, in terms of cargo tonnage
- Area of41 square miles
- Still the busiest port in Europe
- Draft of 74 feet, only one of two ports worldwide to accommodate MS Berge Stahl
2. Port of Singapore, Singapore
- Origins of this port date back to the 13th century
- Port handles more than 420 million tons of cargo every year
- Ranked first in terms of containerized traffic
- Handles almost a quarter of the world’s shipping containers and connects Singapore to more than 600 global ports
1.       Port of Shanghai, China
- Largest and busiest port in the world
- Difference in cargo capabilities of Singapore and Shanghai relatively small, BUT Shanghai’s increasing expansion indicates that the future will increase the gap between these two global ports
- In 2012 the Port of Shanghai handled over 736 million tons of cargo -> busiest in the world
- Responsible for a quarter of the country’s foreign trade
- Shanghai is China’s gateway to the East China Sea and the international market due to its geographic space at the Yangtze, Huangpu and Qiatang River

2. Mention some characteristics of your country’s port!

Port type: Sea port
Harbour type: River Basin, turning area, good holding ground
Max. Draft: 15.1 meter
Water depth: Channel is 9.4 - 10 meters, Cargo Pier is 4.9 - 6.1 meters, Mean tide is 7 feet, Oil terminal is 12.5 - 13.7 meters
Maximum vessel size: up to 500 feet in length
3. Mention 5 determinants of competitiveness of the port of Hamburg
1. Port selection preferences of carriers and shippers
The Port of Hamburg is a universal port, which means that it does not only focus on the container business, but also caters for all types of shipments. The non-containerized segment is very labor-intensive, which makes it an important part of the ongoing development of the port.
2. Port (terminal) operation efficiency level
Hamburg's success is rooted in the brilliant services and facilities it provides for its business of shipping companies, as well as its closeness to many of Europe's key markets and industrial centers. For example, the Altenwerder container terminal (CTA) is unrivalled in Europe in terms of its productivity and logistical infrastructure. 
3. Reliability
The reliable services and excellent transport relations to the hinterland of continental...

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