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Bigger Johnson Essay

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Question 1
In the framework of the management-research question hierarchy following steps can be developed to solve current dilemma (Cooper & Schindler, 2006):
* Dilemma: use of publication reader service cards has been gradually declining which questioned efficiency of its advertisements’ to provide necessary information.
* Research questions: conducing a research study about efficiency of reader service cards use would be a reasonable action that are available for taking advantage in the situation.
* Investigation questions: in order for a manager to decide about further use of reader service cards, evaluation of all methods should be carried out to get deep insight about ...view middle of the document...

Data that was used for the sample construction came from the U.S. Penton database. Original sample included 4,000 observations corresponding to managers, purchasing agents, and engineers. However, actual sample size was smaller due to the fact that only 710 completed questionnaires were returned. Final sample size that was used in the analysis comprised 676 observations, number that was determined by the positive answer to the first question whether respondents were purchase decision makers for the companies. Final sample size is sufficient for securing validity and reliability of research findings. Moreover, this sampling approach is appropriate as a result of the possibility of exhaustively partitioning data into disjoint subgroups ensuring that estimations are accurate.
Question 4
Research of the provision of information to the advertisements was designed to be carried out in several stages, including pretesting stage of the questionnaire, data collection with the help of the survey, and finally, conduct of interviews. In general, the survey was designed as a combination of quantitative (survey) and qualitative (interviews) approaches. One of the advantages of the research design was implementation of survey questionnaire’s pretesting in the pillow study that allowed revealing pitfalls in the questionnaire and correcting them. At the same time using both qualitative and quantitative tools is another advantage since qualitative method provides the possibility of obtaining information that is not captured with quantitative measures.
Question 5
Survey has been carried out in two stages. On the first stage, questionnaire for the survey was tested at two pilot studies. At first it was used for telephone survey on a small sample of individuals from the database of domestic subscribers. Another pilot study was in the form of e-mail survey of 300 individuals. Both pilot studies not only provided feedback on the questionnaire about potential pitfalls, but at the same time they allowed obtaining expected response rates to their quantitative data collection with the help of the online survey and conduct of qualitative telephone interviews. Therefore, based on this information appropriate original sample sizes were selected. On the negative side, even after pilot studies, questionnaires contained certain limitations, including lack of details about expected outcomes of the study, better structure of questions, etc.
Question 6
In order to digitize collected data and make it in the convenient form that can be used in the statistical analysis the data has to be coded...

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