Bigger Isn’t Always Better Essay

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Living in a small town is the best option anyone can choose whose wanting to settle down in a loving and welcoming community. It’s easy to get around since it’s less traffic and people, easier to meet, notice and actually remember people, and it’s a lot safer and peaceful. This is so much better than living in a big city where it’s the total opposite.
Everything’s in close proximity, and less time is taken to get there. The businesses are close by, local stores are right down the street from where you live, schools are in an appropriate distance, everything’s just so simple to get to that it’s no way possible for you ever to get lost. Yes, it may be a little congested and backed-up after ...view middle of the document...

Walking around outside won’t be as lonely if you know everyone on the block. You’re never alone even when you’re by yourself in small towns.
It’s a lot easier for you to get noticed for your abilities or good deeds also. You’ll stay in the newspaper for helping someone out whatever the situation is. You can be that person who just goes out and clean up areas that are messed up, people notice that because there is someone always watching you whether you know it or not. No good deed goes unheard for. Every place you go, someone has some type of ability, whether it’s singing, dancing, playing sports, and every place have those people with great potential. Living in small towns lets those people get noticed a lot quicker than they would in big cities. They may not get that big celebrity status as they wish but no one is ever overlooked in what they’re doing.
Peace, quiet, and safety is three strong factors that should be looked at when moving to a new place whether it be a small town or big city. No matter how old or young you are eventually you’re going to be tired of hearing a bunch of ruckus outside. You have a better chance of getting that good night sleep staying in small towns. No worrying of loud parties and clubs going on all day and night should be a plus. There’s hardly any construction going on, but, if there is you’d be notified so the extra noise wouldn’t be a surprise to you.
There’s enough to do without getting into trouble because of boredom. All the negative aspects of city life will rarely show. Yes, everyone...

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