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Big Three Techies Essay

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Ethics and Responsibility 1
Business Ethics

Business Ethics and Social Resposibility
Caladia Faulkner
Business Ethics
Grand Canyon University

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However, the implementation of volunteerism as a requirement would be an ethical issue that would apply to this situation. This requirement of its employees would be a refreshing factor in making the social struggle less stressful. This would entail the opportunity to volunteer at certain projects sites or volunteer at offsite locations which would be a way of encouraging more participation in a worthy cause; something that Nordstrom (a high end
Ethics and Responsibility 3
Corporate Retailer) has volunteerism as a pre-requisite to joining their corporate culture, such as,
working at the local Food Banks. With this in mind, profits would increase and remain constant along with increased customer retention. In addition, Walmart should initiate partnerships with diverse cultural organizations, since their workplace is diverse, enabling the exposure to various programs that would enhance communities’ knowledge in helpful areas, such as, parenting skills, literacy and families’ health and well being. However, conducting food drives and gift collections for the underprivileged especially during the holidays is the norm for the Walmart organization. The company also shares the responsibility of donating clothes in support of the underprivileged.
Walmart, as with other businesses, usually takes pride in their standards of business conduct because of the global environment. The organization believes in providing the best combination of quality, price, service, and honesty to valued consumers while at the same time taking an interest in servicing the communities by providing decent labor practices and partnering with their vendors to enhance awareness of the “GO GREEN” campaign and maintain a dedication to the cause.
This is also a critical issue with Food and Beverage Companies. “With consumers becoming more aware and mindful of the many health concerns, these corporate giants are in need of finding ways to handle consumer packaged goods to be challenging”. These companies thrive and survive off profits. Not acknowledging consumer concerns is not an option. “Consumers are more conscious of the environment and its issues because of the varying taste preferences and packaging preferences because of the recycling process. Moreover, consumers
Ethics and Responsibility 4
have changed by wanting the cake and eating it too mentality along with quality and quantity at
reasonable prices. The days of quantity is less important than quality when it comes to consumer
wants, needs and demands. With this in mind, companies like Walmart, Global Food Companies (Kraft, Nabisco, etc.), Beverage Companies (Coca-Cola, Pepsi, etc.) must initiate strategies that are socially responsible and...

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