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Big Skinny Essay

1006 words - 5 pages

| Title slide |
2 | Executive Summary |
3 | Statement of the marketing challenge and evidence in support |
4++ | Analysis of current situation to include: * Market description for wallets overall and specifics of Big Skinny target market(s)  * Competitive analysis of Big Skinny direct competitors, comparing on important features such as thinness, cost, depth of product mix, revenues etc.  * Analysis of Big Skinny's website  * Analysis of Big Skinny's prior online and offline (traditional) promotion efforts * Management considerations * Financial considerations  |
5++ | Analysis of each of the 7 techniques discussed in the case study, including advantages and disadvantages ...view middle of the document...

online distribution
7. A/B testing
Your job here is to assess Big Skinny's current online marketing efforts, then discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each of the seven online techniques, then to recommend the right 'mix' of online promotion tools Big Skinny should use to maximize sales and minimize promotion expenses.  Lastly, you will recommend a promotion plan that integrates those online tools with traditional media buys to support the online efforts. 
Learning Objectives: 
* Understand the strengths and weaknesses of each of the technologies and how the technologies might interact with each other.  (Some technologies such as sponsored search or display advertising attract consumer traffic.  Others such as most site-based interactive media increase the likelihood that a site visit will lead to a sale.  Still others such as A/B testing allow the advertiser to evaluate and improve its online presence. 
* Devise optimal strategies for measuring the effectiveness of all aspects of their marketing campaigns.  
* Understand the distinction between online and offline marketing.  
* Demonstrate effective Power Point skills
Approach to Analyzing Big Skinny Wallets
* Read the Big Skinny Wallet case study throughly and frequently throughout the two week period
* Read the assignment description to fully understand expectations for this assignment, and post any questions or concerns you might have in the Office Hours discussion topic. 
* Visit the Big Skinny website at 
* Visit some competitor wallet websites.  
* Conduct some searches for wallets using various search words, some as discussed in the case and others you may want to consider.  See if Big Skinny Wallets show up in any of your searches.  Use different search engines and see if any of them are more effective at promotion Big Skinny Wallets over competitors
* review the supplemental material available in your Harvard course pack.  Be prepared to discuss the material in the Discussion Forum
* Conduct some informal research by asking friends, family and coworkers how they would approach the purchase decision for a wallet.  Consider whether it is an impulse purchase or a shopping purchase.  
* Actively and thoughtfully participate in the Big Skinny Wallet Discussion Forum as outlined in the week's Study Plan 
* Refer...

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