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Big Data, Nosql And Mobile Sync —Three Peas, One Pod

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DBTA | MARCH 2012 27

Big Data, NoSQL and Mobile Sync —Three Peas, One Pod
By James Phillips, Co-Founder and SVP of products, Couchbase

A few months ago I had the good fortune to hear VMware CEO Paul Maritz speak at a conference. Asked “which trends would you identify that will have the biggest impact on IT in the coming decade?” Paul identified two: cloud computing, and the transition underway in at the data layer—specifically mentioning Big Data and NoSQL. Paul noted that, in his experience, a shift in the data model generates farreaching ripple effects: new applications are enabled, the application development process is impacted and the infrastructure atop ...view middle of the document...

These solutions are batch-processing oriented. User growth [NoSQL]. Most new interactive software systems are accessed via browser. If available on the public Internet, these applications now have 2 billion potential users [iii] and a 24x7 uptime requirement. Regardless of dataset size, these software systems put unprecedented pressure on the data layer: massive user concurrency; need for predictable, low-latency random access to data to maintain a snappy interactive user experience; and the need for continuous operations, even during database maintenance. Couchbase is an open source NoSQL technology that meets the data management needs of interactive web applications. Mobile computing growth [Mobile Sync]. Mobile devices are increasingly where we create and consume information. But data aggregation and processing will be accomplished in the cloud. IDC estimates that in 2015, 1.4 of the 4.9 zettabytes created that year will be “touched by the cloud.” [iv] Delivering the right data to millions of

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mobile devices, when and where it is needed (and then getting it back again) is the mobile-cloud data sync problem. These three trends, and their related technologies, are increasingly interrelated. In my opinion, they represent the emerging modern data stack—one that supports the ebb and flow of information from web and mobile applications to the cloud. Big Data solutions are optimized for...

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