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Big Data From Social Media Essay

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With technology growing so fast and access to the web being available from anywhere, how can Facebook and other websites benefit from their Big Data?
There are many social media sites these days that fans and members like to frequent, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many others. Some of these sites are for fun and some are for business. People share pictures, videos, stories, news and family updates. You can have different types of accounts such as people, places, groups, or pages depending on what your need and interest is. You can access your account from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone from just about anywhere. Technology is growing so fast ...view middle of the document...

com, 2012)”. Whether we realize it or not, we all contribute to the data. In our daily lives we do many things where we provide information without even realizing what happens to this information. “Newer forms of data are wild and crazy, and the old tools don't work, an entirely new class of technology is being developed to leverage Big Data (Deagon, 2012)”. People provide lots of information on anything from what they eat, to where they visit, and what they like and don't like. Most of this information comes from social networking sites such as Facebook.
Technologies have grown so much and with all the handheld devices more people are able to access the web from almost anywhere. According to Business Wire; Daily, customers tweet, blog, post and tag pictures, and even post videos, and companies are missing a huge opportunities in taking advantage of all this incredible data. I myself am a huge fan of social media websites, and I access my Facebook account from my smart phone. With 4G Technology I have no problem connecting from anywhere. It is the easiest way of keeping in touch with people, friends, family, colleagues that live far away without having to pick up the phone or get in the car and go visit. There are also social media sites that are a bit more serious such as LinkedIn which is used by professionals to build their professional networks and share sources and ideas with colleagues. Investment Weekly tells us that they have reached an audience of 725 million monthly unique users. “Recently Facebook has hit their one billion user mark. They shared these statistics with the public; 219 billion photos uploaded (excluding deleted ones) and 265 billion including them, 17 billion location tagged posts and check-ins, 600 million mobile users, an average user age of 22 (, 2012).” We know that Facebook was not established for marketing nor is marketing its top priority. Facebook was first developed for college students by college students, and it exploded fast and grew to this huge site that almost every other person has a membership with. The information that Facebook and other social media sites gather from people could really benefit many companies financially but this information is currently not being processed and developed into information that can be functional. Currently this data is just stored, more and more of it is being stored.
“Social media is a prime example of the velocity and variety associated with Big Data, with social media, data is coming at you at an incredible pace in a number of formats, including videos and pictures (Business Wire, 2012)”. Anyone that belongs to any of these sites knows how much fun it is to share pictures and videos with others, especially family and friends you have not seen in a while. Young and the elderly, men and women all alike use social media sites. It is almost unreal how much information is shared out there. “Welcome to the age of Big Data, where...

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