Big Brother Is Protecting You Essay

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Big Brother is Protecting You
The social media outlet has grown from a social connection tool to a device used by “big brother.” Students today are under surveillance not only in school, but on the web as well. When the Glendale Unified School District implemented a program in which students would be tracked on their every single social media post, heads turned in disagreement. Despite the invasion of privacy, it would prove to be beneficial to the students and staff of schools because of the way it would help prevent tragedies from occurring at school and in students’ homes.
In modern society, social media has become a part of everyday life. With an increase in violent acts at schools over the past decade, it has proven to be a necessity to monitor social media sites for a hint at the next event to take place. School administrators’ interest in the protection of the school and its inhabitants is ...view middle of the document...

Another flaw with the system is the cost. At $40,500, the price influenced one student by the twitter name of Arayik to say, "GUSD should be smarter and start spending money on educational purposes." Although both arguments propose a valid argument, the potential impact the program could have tremendously outweighs the negatives. Students need to realize that anything they post should be viewer appropriate, no matter who is doing the viewing. Plus, it is the "[student's] choices if they want to make [their account] public or private.
Along with the schools intentions to eliminate possible threats at school, they are also looking to put an end to tragedies in the homes. Teen depression rates are higher than ever before and when combined with cyber bullying, it creates a suicidal mixture. Many students never seek help. In fact, many parents never even know about their teen’s depressive state until it is too late to help. The monitoring of student profiles would include reports of depressive posts, pictures, or comments. This would help the school to confront the student through counseling before it is too late for action. Another factor that would be reported would be cyber bullying. Although it may seem elementary to call someone names or make a threat over the web, they contain the ability to have a profound effect on the emotional stability of a student. Through the monitoring of the social media sites, schools would obtain the ability to intervene in the matter and help to keep one less student from making a permanent decision to a temporary problem.
Absolute freedom is non-existant in the presence of security. Through the monitoring of students, the school takes initiative in adding to the protection of not only the school and staff, but also the protection of the students as well. Despite the fact that every word is knowingly being recorded by the school, it is important that students realize the program is designed to benefit everyone, including themselves. In fact, big brother may be watching you, but in this case, big brother is doing it with the intent of protection, not invasion.

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