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Big Brother Is'ent Watching You Essay

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Big brother isn’t watching you

The persons who join these riots are often people who the society forgot or gave up on; people who need to get a kick in their lives. In fact they need to face the consequences of their actions and their destructive behavior. The English writer, Russell Brand explains the rioter’s motive for the 2011 UK riots.
Russell Brand lived in the London before he moved to Los Angeles. In fact he explains the riots as if he has been a part of the happening among these people. Through the text Russell Brand describes how he felt and how he was affected by these people and their destructions. In his article on the Guardian website, he’s attitude is very sarcastic to ...view middle of the document...

Even though he might sound quit ironic, you have no doubt, that he very serious about this view on these riots. But He shows sympathy with the rioters. Russell Brand has earlier in his life felt same kind of void, but he was privileged. He had good parents who shown him the love he needed. In fact the government could be put as these riots parents. Russell Brand comment on the way the handle these riots. It is not by showing compassion or finding a leisured way to maintain order to these people. They are not as privileged as Russell Brand was, therefore they handle the situations different and it might also be the wrong way, therefore they are split out from the community. No matter what they do, they don’t feel any signs of improvement in the future. Therefore to get these improvements the society has to find and make changes as a favor to the youngsters on the margins of society.
Russell Brand is very realistic in his opinion and ways to handle these problems. He sees the country from the modern perspective and is aware of the situation of today. A...

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