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Big Brother Is Essay

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STX Engelsk Eksamen

Delprøve 2B 2014

Analytic essay: “Big Brother is watching you
more closely than ever:CCTV Cameras, the Spies
in our midst.

Privacy is essential to our humanity. It permits us to shape and maintain lives, from which personal identity,
selfdetermination and freedom arise. In today’s society, however, undisturbedness is mainly an illusion.
The line between privacy and public space has simply become as fragile as porcelain. This is due to
increased monitoring of human behaviour. In “Big Brother is watching you more closely than ever”, written
by John Kampfner in 2012, it is discussed whether surveillance provides protection or disturbs the
individual liberty.
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views he expresses are predominantly characterized by considerable scepticism. This assumption is
supported by the phrase as follows: “Perhaps you forget, say, to pay a parking fine or your TV license, and
your name has been entered on one of the many impenetrable state files. And the worst thing is that you
would never know.” Furthermore, John Kampfner expresses a lack of trust towards the monitoring system
by saying that surveillance cameras do not fulfil their operational function: “The cameras that are meant to
make us feel safer, and to make potential criminals think twice, weren’t up to the job. If that was ever true,
it certainly isn’t the case now.” In his opinion the cameras are invading and ruining privacy instead of
ensuring security. A boy, who appears in the BBC news clip “Concern over Oxfordshire school cameras“, has
the same view. Equally, an article in New York Times says that surveillance is detrimental and leaves people
without any privacy in public.

The writer’s opinion is consistent with the attitude of Andrew Renninson, who is Britain’s first surveillance
commissioner. This fact establishes ethos and improves the quality of his argumentation. In the main part
of the article the efficiency of the Big Brother technology is identified. Thereby the writer’s attitude is made
even more explicit: “Thanks to the state’s extensive collection of personal data, you could be walking along
a crowded street and the camera could home in on you, zooming up, forwards and backwards, keeping
tabs on you.” A female figure from the BBC news clip is, in accordance with John Kampfner, an opponent of
CCTV cameras. This is shown by the following citation: “Cameras don’t fix human...

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