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Big Box Retail Conflicits Essay

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Big Box Store Communications and Role Conflicts
Phillip P. Donald
MGT415:Group Behavior in Organizations (BFK1602B)
Thomas Tonkin
February 2, 2016

A big box retail store, is exactly as it sounds it is a large retail store with the physical design and layout to mimic that of a large box. The style of the stores is very generic and usually emvolpe a 50,000 square foot area. These large retail stores sell a number of items everything from food to electronics. These companies like Wal-Mart, Best Buy and target are generally located in suburban areas and can sell items at a lower cost, because they buy items in high volumes. They are able to buy in high ...view middle of the document...

Group conflicts can happen for many reasons, the two main reasons this happens is because people are put into roles that they are not use to playing and a break down of communication amongst the staff and management. Conflicts like this will cause the store and staff to suffer decreasing productivity and morale.
A Store manager’s role in the store is to ensure everyone is doing their jobs. The store manager does this by providing support and the tools needed in order for the other managers to complete their task and keep the store running at a productive level. Conflict can arise between the management staff when the store manager is not doing this or is perceived not to be doing so. This will cause the management staff not to trust the guidance and the leadership of the store manager. Once this occurs the management staff is working with their own agenda and not what is in the best interest for the group and the store. Recently, I interviewed an ETL at a target location here in Memphis, Tn. During the interview I asked this manager about any conflict he or she might have had with their store manager. The employee stated that there had been some conflict within the store and felt that the store manager hadn’t always given the proper guidance and tools needed in order to complete the task. When this happened the manager became overwhelmed and stated that the staff around them became overwhelmed as well. This caused a lack of productivity and created more conflict between all levels of the staff. On the reverse hand the employee felt when the store manager was giving the proper guidance and tools needed the store was able to meet the goals needed and the staff did not feel overwhelmed.
Other conflicts can arise on a manager to manager level in a big box store. Big box stores have a number of managers that manage the different departments within the store. There are sales floor managers, grocery managers, logistic managers, loss prevention managers, customer experience managers and human resource managers. Each manager is in charge of a certain department within the store and sometimes the task that a manager has to accomplish can impede on another manager’s area. Or the task can require one manager to use a portion of the other manager’s staff to complete the task or project that needs to be accomplished. An example of this type of conflict would be, that if HR (human resources) does the scheduling within the store they might not schedule enough people on a closing night when the sales floor manager has to set a new ad for the following business day. That means that the sales floor manager will not have the proper amount of people to set the ad. This causes unneeded stress on the manager and the staff that are trying to set the ad. If the ad is not set properly than the store could lose money on projected sales that the ad was going to produce because of the sales the ad would have displayed within the store. Leading to a loss in...

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