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Big Bazar Essay

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Big Bazaar is the biggest retail market in India which was founded by Kishore Biyani in 2001 and it headquarters is in Mumbai. Big Bazaar parent company is Pentaloon Retail India Ltd and punch line is “Is se sasta aur achha kahin nahi!. Big Bazaar has a chain of shopping stores across India around 100 stores in 150 cities. Big Bazaar offering wide range of merchandise which includes fashion and apparels, general merchandise, food products, electronics, furniture, fast food, books, entertainment, and leisure sections.
Most of the Big Bazaar stores are located in alone building in the city centers as well as inside the shopping malls. Big Bazaar is a part of Future Group and is ...view middle of the document...

2. Financial Intermediates- this part including institutions which channelize the investors savings into loans and investment. Big Bazaar gives offer to the consumer about the investment and create link between investors and saver which result is that consumer invest the capital into the Big Bazaar for instance, they offer consumer to invest in the mutual funds or buy a units of mutual funds.

3. Financial markets- financial department of the Big Bazaar perform a crucial function in the system of financial as facilitating organizations. This department creates two kind of market first is money market which made by financial relationship between demanders and suppliers of short term funds that have time limitation of one year or less and second is securities markets which is made financial relationship by a number of institutions and arrangements which gives permission to demanders and suppliers of long term funds with maturities over one year to make these transactions.

Company finance
Big Bazaar has expanded its finance services range to strengthen its position in the highly competitive consumer market by dynamic and user-friendly services which is based on Indian consumer requirements. Big Bazaar provides consumer finance and insurance to their customers through offering equity investments and corporate loans to engaged consumers in business. The business model of Big Bazaar is to provide a exclusive personalized customer experience to growth and capture a good share in the highly competitive finance market and helping the consumer to realize the Indian dream. Big bazaar has three kinds of financial services.
i. Future capital holding- this company provides the financial services to the wholesale businesses and...

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