Bicycles In The Developing World Essay

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Bicycles in the Developing World

1. India is located in southern Asia where it shares borders with Pakistan, China, and Burma. The greater part of the country extends into the sea where it divides the Indian Ocean into the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal. India is the 7th largest country in the world, with a geographically diverse land mass that exceeds 2.9 million sq. km. The southern portion is covered by the Deccan plateau while in the northern area the Indo-Gangetic plain reaches from the west coast across to the east and bordered in the north by the Himalayas. The population of India is spread across the Indo-Gangetic plain and along the areas bordering the ...view middle of the document...

Particular topic rankings that are concerning are the ease of dealing with construction permits (ranked 181st), enforcing contracts (ranked 182nd), paying taxes (ranked 147th), and the process of actually starting a business (ranked 166th). In particular the judgement and enforcement of contracts on average takes over 3.5 years to resolve.
4. While trying to enter the country of India with the intention of selling out bicycles to the developing world our firm will face trade regulations. Though there are not too many restrictions to products that can be moved into the country, just those on the negative list are strictly scrutinized by the government. Yet one regulation companies will face when working within or exporting to India is taxation. Effects of taxes will include things such as duty on raw materials, and profits made within the foreign country. These taxes are based on income made within India. Indian marketing regulations established by the Advertising Standards Council of India. Some basic regulations set out by the ASCI that pertain to our product are: Advertisements cannot feature...

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