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Bibliography Essay

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Yancy Hoyle 238925

TCP1- Task 1

Thesis: An effective leader is faced with many challenges while striving to meet the needs of the organization and to accomplish those goals with minimal resistance, he or she must understand why employees behave in the ways that they do, become adept at engaging employees, manage employee performance, and facilitate organizational change.

|Blanchard, K.H. & Hersey, P. (1972). Management of organizational behavior: Utilizing human resources 2nd ed.). Englewood Cliffs, NJ: |
|Prentice-Hall, Inc. |
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| |
|Anne Bruce and James Pepitone use an engaging style on how many major corporations have changed into “motivating organizations”. Emphasizing |
|how to create a workplace environment that inspires employees to do excellent work, feel passionate about their jobs, and put the best of |
|themselves into everything they do. Bruce and Pepitone are world renowned best-selling authors in the field of human behavior, leadership, and|
|motivation. Understanding how to motivate employees is paramount to engaging and managing the employee as to increase profitability. This |
|source supports the point from the thesis that an effective leader needs to understand the employee to manage and engage the employee. |
|Cope, K. (2012). Seeing the big picture. Austin, TX: Greenleaf Book Group Press. |
| |
|Cope simplifies the complexities of business throughout the text. Showing how a deep understanding of the company an employee works for can |
|help them build the credibility and career they want. Cope uses the text the show how the employee can make their work more fulfilling and |
|purpose-driven by highlighting how to influence the success of the team. Cope describes how all companies are driven by five simple drivers: |
|cash, profit, assets, growth, and people. Kevin Cope is a successful executive as well as a trusted resource and confidant to top business |
|leaders worldwide. Cope is a sought after keynote speaker being praised by business leaders for his smart, insightful, and straightforward |
|approach to understanding the business of business. Cope's text is helpful in the paper as he gives a different approach on how to view the |
|employee/company perception. |
|Frank, M.O. (1986). How to get your point across in 30 seconds—or less. New York, NY: Simon & Schuster. |
| |
|In the text Frank lays out how to master the art of communicating quickly, precisely, and powerfully by obtaining the listeners attentions and|
|keeping it. Describing how to focus the objectives and tell anecdotes that make and drive home the point being made. The 30-second message, |
|Milo describes as being at the heart of every effective business communication. Milo shows how the use of the 30-second message can prepare |
|leaders for every business...

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