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Bible Dictionary Project Essay

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Bible Dictionary Project Template

Name: Stephanie Sarver

Student ID: L27532575

Course: BIBL 104-D28

Date: 4/25/16

Old Testament Bible Dictionary Project:

Genesis: The first of the Bible gives the overall setting and theme for God’s plan and teachings. It has two sections with the first being about creating, sin, punishment, and redemption; the second being about God’s chosen family. The author of Genesis is unknown though it is part of the Pentateuch which is referred to as the books of Moses. The date it was written is also unknown though it can be suggested the authorship was around the time of moses, that is 1440 and 1400 B.C. The first 11 chapters deal with the ...view middle of the document...

God gave him and his wife many covenantal assurances to trust in his old age giving making Abrahams faith in the story a prime example of God’s timing, patience, and faith. He had his first son, Ishmael, with a concubine Hagar but failed to produce the heir of his family. Finally, when Abraham was 100, his wife Sarah meaning “Princess” have birth to the heir, Isacc, “laughter”. Ishmael started causing problems and was banished with his mother to the wilderness in Paran. Abrahams faith was tested again when God asked him to sacrifice his son Isaac; willingly, Abraham was going to do this until God provided an alternate sacrifice after seeing his obedience to His will. God kept his covenant of fathering many nations. His wife, however, died and was buried in Machpelah. Afterwards, Isaac married a relative of Abraham from Mesopotamia named Rebekah. Abraham remarried and had many more children, eventually dying at the age of 175. He is known as “God’s forever friend”, God became known as “the God of Abraham”, and God’s plan for human salvation and future generations became assured.

Bethlehem: Pronounced, behth' lih hehm, means “House of Bread”, “fighting”, Lahamu”....

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