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Bi Weekly Essay

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What are some of the similarities and differences in practices of self-determination of Africans in the U.S. and their counterparts throughout the hemisphere?
John H Johnson once said “everything you do in your life was made possible by someone else’s sacrifice.” This quote relates to the Africans that suffered from the injustice of slavery. Because of the sacrifices they made they were able to preserve their culture and use such as their means to resist. This being said Africa is the place where the oldest human remains were found Dignesh, dating her remains back 3.5 million years, therefore making it the origin of humankind. From early beginning of time Africans used their difference ...view middle of the document...

In North America these maroons were located in the deep in the forest, swamps and mountainous areas of the Carolinas, Virginia, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, and Alabama. It was a place where all people were equal and there was no hierarchy power over them. The people were free from the level 5 national powers like the French and the English, with their advanced military and dominant rule. These maroons were a place where their level 2 social structure would form a subsistence group of people approximately between eight to fifty try in move up to a level 3 structures where they could begin creating large communities. These maroons gave slaves hope of a community where they could have a new home and begin to rebuild their families. A tribe or a group of people that share a common language and customs which are the markers for their common identities. Unfortunately these maroons never lasted so long because of the stress and pressure it created on the Europeans.
Despite all the hardships of slavery Africans did have one thing in common one thing that enslavement couldn’t take away, this was their culture. Their culture is what kept them from being completely dehumanized it was the sole thing that no matter what they could pass down to their children. Abolition was always on the enslaved blacks minds regardless of where they were from either in the Americas of in the Caribbean. Marcus Garvey was one prime example in history of how the Africans slaves linked together. He was one of the first men to begin the religious movement throughout the world and his influence over the world helped to spread the religious movement globally. Marcus Garvey and his writings was a prime example of literature that linked Africans together his creation of the Negro Journal that had its own sphere of influence over the black community and gave black people hope to buy themselves out of slavery and return to Africa to create a new level 5 social structure dominating the Eastern Hemisphere. In the Caribbean and Latin America slaves "reblended" their religion to create an Afro Catholicism with their slave owners hoping that accepting ones religion would help to put them on the same level as the Europeans. And in North...

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