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Bi Essay

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Taking Charge of the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (A)
School of Business/ Department of Organizational Leadership

Taking Charge of the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (A)/ Paul Levy
Introduction /Background

In 1916 the Beth Israel Hospital was formed in the Boston area mainly because Jewish doctors wanted a hospital they could perform their practice. At the time Jewish doctors were dismissed at the notion of being able to work at local hospitals in the area. The financing of the BI Hospital derived from the Jewish communities donations. Millions of dollars were donated in order to create an upper class academic medical center that was known not only ...view middle of the document...

This merger would hopefully balance out the market against Partners. As the two merged Mt Auburn Hospital, the New England Baptist Hospital, and one or two others joined the merger to form the CareGroup System. Because the organizations that joined forces had different management styles, leadership, strategy, missions, visions, organizational culture, structure, and belief systems the merger soon plummeted financially and structurally. Decisions were at a halt and no one took a leadership role to facilitate order through balance of the multiple hospitals now merged as one. The government passed an act called the Balanced Budget Act of 1996 which set limitations and restrictions on Medicare. Insurance companies were beginning to lose there subsidized funds from the government.
The CareGroup System was in trouble financially and if that was not enough management and seniors officers couldn’t get there act together. No long term goals were set and short term ones were rarely met. Adjusting to the newly formed merger was non existent in the organization and everyone was on a different page. This case identifies the problems BI and Deaconess had while trying to merge into one organization by revealing resistance from both sides. Paul Levy was brought in to interview with the case analysts to shed light on the event from his perspective while he was offered a senior executive position within the organization.

How to Begin Situation

The newly formed CareGroup System mainly structured by BI and Deaconess Hospital is in financial distress. The government begun to put the squeeze on the Healthcare industry by no longer subsidizing private insurance companies and Medicare was in trouble as well. Not only is this organization in trouble financially, but structurally as well. Leadership is mere non existent and problems are going unsolved. The decisions are being made the management but no one is following through. What went wrong? Why couldn’t these hospitals adapt to each others organizational culture and structure?
To begin



The subject of the problem is Yong Lui and the issue with him as an employee at Intel, is whether or not to keep him working on the current project that he has been assigned, or to be reassigned a new project by Charles Tang based upon his understanding of the employees role in the department. Lui could lose face because of this unfortunate situation and Tang is in the position of having to make a decision with a solid performing employee of Intel China. Lui feels as though he is failing because of all of the wasted work that he has already done on the project that he is currently working on and he will have nothing to show for his hard work.
The Significance to the problem to the key individual is that in China to lose face is analogous to respect in Western cultures and to cause another to lose face; it could result in irreparable damage to the...

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