Bhutan's Role In The Modern World

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Bhutan’s Role in the Modern World
The Kingdom of Bhutan may be a small and remote country, but it does play a considerable role in the modern world due to its hydroelectricity, national happiness, and their preservation of their land and culture.
According to CIA World Factbook, Bhutan ranks 6th in the world from generating electricity with hydroelectric plants. Karma Tshewang, chief engineer of Bhutan’s Department of Hydropower said, “As a small country with a small population, we don’t have many resources. Hydropower is a strategic resource that can take care of the country’s future in terms of sustainable development.” As stated in International Finance Cooperation, Bhutan’s Tala Hydropower Power Plant transferred energy to India’s power grid in Bhutan with an understanding that most of the power produced would go to India to meet their needs, but it would also benefit the Bhutanese government’s ...view middle of the document...

According to Gross National Happiness, GNH is a different take at what could be global and national development. Part of what makes Bhutan so distinct from other countries is how loyal they are into following the disciplines that make up GNH.
The Bhutanese have always wanted to preserve their vibrant culture, keeping it very exclusive even to tourists. "Our tourism policy has always been high value and low impact. The policy we have followed so far has served us well. We feel that environmentally, culturally and sustainability-wise we cannot afford to have mass tourism in Bhutan," said Chhimmy Pem, head of marketing at the Tourism Council of Bhutan. Bhutan did not launch television service or the Internet until 1999 and remained very isolated until around 1970’s according to BBC News. Although they may not be in the front of the present day when it comes to technology, their place in the world could be trying to care for the beauty and history of their land and its people.
This tiny and exclusive country may not contribute a whole lot to technology and determining the modern world, but Bhutan has given us what they have and shared with us their working happiness and preservation of their dynamic culture.

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