Bhr Look Now Essay

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Starting before Fall 2014
Semester 1

Fall, Winter

ICA001- 2 hours
Intro. to Computers

Semester 2

Semester 3

Winter, Summer


SMS 202 - 3 hours
Microcomputer Business
Applications II
Also available in Part-time Studies

SSC100 - 2 hours
College Success Strategies

ACC 106 *- 3 hours
Accounting I

MSC 310 - 4 hours
Decision Analysis I
Also available in Part-time Studies

Semester 4

Semester 5



HRA 722 - 4 hours
Personnel Research
Techniques and HRIS

BUS 401 - 3 hours
Economics for Human

Equiv. HRM722 (Part-time Studies)

HRA 734 *- 4 hours
Intro. Management

HRA 782 *- 4 hours
Recruitment and Selection

Equiv. HRM732 (Part-time Studies)

Equiv. BUS400 in Full-time Studies

HRA 831 *- 4 hours

Equiv. HRM782 (Part-time Studies)

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HRM742 (Part-time Studies)

Equiv. HRM855 (Part-time

Equiv. BUS203, OBR250, MRK360
(Full-time Studies)

QNM 106 - 4 hours
Mathematics of Finance

QNM 222 - 4 hours
Business Statistics

Also available in Part-time Studies

HRA 848 *- 4 hours
Training Tecniques &

Also available in Part-time Studies

MRK 108 - 4 hours
Marketing I

MRK 213 - 4 hours
Strategic Marketing & Planning

Equiv. MRK106 (Part-time Studies)

Equiv. MRK200 (Part-time Studies)

Equiv. HRM848 (Part-time Studies)

HRA840 - 4 hours
Pensions and Benefits

MRK 320 - 4 hours
Marketing: Effective Selling

HRA855 - 4 hours
Employment Law

Also available in Part-time Studies

HRA843 *- 4 hours
Occupational Health and
Safety Equiv. HRM843
(Part-time studies)

Equiv. HRM840 (Part-time studies)

CPP 100 - 1 hour
Co-op option

CPP 200 - 1 hour

Professional Option IBM 600 4 hours
(EXM100 or EXM105)

General Education
Option - 3 hours
Also available in Part-time Studies

Note: Students should not take more than one
general education subject from the same category
unless it is a literature option.

General Education
Option - 3 hours
Also available in Part-time Studies

EAC 150 - 3 hours
College English
Also available in Part-time Studies

EAC 394 - 3 hours
Effective Business Writing
Also available in Part-time Studies

General Education
(Literature) Option - 3 hours
Also available in Part-time Studies

Arrows represent prerequisite subjects.
Arrows represent corequisite subjects.

♦ A GPA of 2.0 is required to remain in the program. Students below this GPA may be redirected to the two-year (GBS) program.
♦ Students must take EAC150 with their semester 3 subjects (co-requisite). Students must complete EAC394 before entering semester 5.

♦ Students need a minimum of "B" average (3.0 GPA) to receive university transfer credits.
♦ Students taking CPP100 are exempted from CAP501.
♦ The subject with "*" are required by HRPAO.
♦ Graduates of the BHR program, with a GPA of 3.0 may be admitted to Semester 5 of the HST program.

Revised: November 2014

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