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Beyond A Business Venture Essay

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A business venture
In our competitive entrepreneurial world today, it is always refreshing to see that amidst our everyday hustle and bustle, there are quite a number of business entrepreneurs who stand out most prominently above others.
Joseph McAlman and his wife jointly operate the popular Gee Qu Barber Shop and Hair Tech Salon located on North Road between Wellington and King Streets. Described as a ‘two fold’ business venture, this unique combination of cosmetology courses and cosmetology services include that of hair care, manicure and pedicure; as well as a means for young and interested persons to benefit from the six to eight months training in cosmetology, which is done at the ...view middle of the document...

At the beginning of this venture it was capital investment, followed by the need to be independent. Having been trained in Barbados, and his wife in England, they operated a salon in Barbados for some time until they moved to Guyana. Once here, the business was located at three different locations, before he was able to secure his own building. Again he stressed the necessity of a working business plan, a plan that can allow you to set reasonable goals and objectives, with a workable time frame to achieve these goals and objectives. Presently, albeit capital investment plays its role in the challenges, there are other issues such as competitive market, instability of the economy and the business environment itself. The competitive market leads to challenges arising when new and innovative ways of attracting students and customers are to be created.
The idea of a working plan has indeed added to their success; however it is not success that sets the business apart from the other like-minded businesses but rather their training programme in cosmetology. What makes this programme one of a kind is not that Mr. McAlman teaches his students or that his wife does the practical...

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