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This project is specifically initialised to develop BETTER Taxi Cab System for each individual branch of BETTER Taxi Cab. Developing the swift and smart work-shift schedule per day for drivers in the branch is the major objective of the project. In addition, the project also covers the details of drivers and vehicles of the organization. The main head office the organization of BETTER Taxi Cab is in Toowoomba, Queensland and the owner of the organization Ms Alice Carter can view all the data of 30 branches around the Australia immediately via internet.

This document specially focuses on the overall processes in the system including required data and information. The types ...view middle of the document...

Use case ID 1.1
Actor(s) * Branch office manager
Trigger New branch is initialized
Preconditions * Branch is independent and only responsible toward head office.
System outputs * New branch is created
Typical course of events
Actor action System response

Step 1: This use case is initiated when a new branch is opened. Branch office manager is allowed to access New Branch menu.

Step 3: Branch office manager enters the data like branch office id, address, telephone, branch office manager name, number of staff.

Step 5: This use case concludes when the branch office manager saved the details and the new created branch office displayed on the screen.

Step 2: The new branch screen is displayed, and ready for data entry.
Step 4: The details are saved and new branch office is displayed on the screen.

Alternate course of events * Step 3: If any data entered is invalid, then display error message.

Use case attached to an <> and an External system


Author/Analyst Niroj Maharjan (Great System Creations) Date 21/04/2008
Use case name Check licence
Brief description This use case describes the processes involved verifying the appropriate licence clarification clearance for a driver.
Use case ID 3.3
Actor(s) * Administration officer
Trigger Driver’s details are entered or updated.
Preconditions * Driver provides own details
System outputs * License is valid or invalid
Typical course of events
Actor action System response

Step 1: This use case is initiated when new driver is recruited or existing driver’s details are updated. So, it is invoked from either use case Create driver or Update driver.

Step 3: Administration officer enters licence number of a driver.

Step 5: This use case concludes when the administration officer click licence clearance flag make it okay.

Step 2: The input text box for licence number is displayed.

Step 4: The system connects with External Licensing System to verify it and respond as either valid or invalid. A data packet is sent with licence number. With verification process the branch will get the answer valid or invalid from external licensing system.

Alternate course of events * Step 4: If the licence number is not matched, then display message “Invalid Licence”.

Use case attached to an <>


Author/Analyst Niroj Maharjan (Great System Creations) Date 21/04/2008
Use case name Allocate driver to taxi cab
Brief description This use case describes the processes involved in creating a new branch.
Use case ID 4.2
Actor(s) * Booking clerk
Trigger Work shift rosters for drivers are scheduled
Preconditions * A driver may be allocated to many different taxi cabs or a taxi cab may to allocated to many different drivers
System outputs * Both driver and taxi cab ready for service
Typical course of events
Actor action System response

Step 1: This use case is initiated when is...

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