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Better Days To Come Essay

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Better Days to Come
In a perfect world, discrimination and racism would not exist, but unfortunately the world we live in is far from perfect. Society, whether they mean to or not, still heavily places stereotypes on different religions, races, and ethnic groups. The media in particular does so through television shows and movies. Feminist writer Dorothy Roberts argues that African American women are portrayed in such a poor manor. One example of a show I can think of that supports her argument is Orange is the New Black. There are many parts of the show which one may argue is a negative depiction of African American women. I do not personally agree with Roberts’ argument for media and society as a whole, however I can see some truth to her statement.
Roberts is well known for her book Killing the Black Body which is about the inequality that exists of black women, specifically those who are poor, in ...view middle of the document...

I can not say that this invalidates her argument because the population of whites is significantly higher than blacks. In proportion, the African American community would have a much higher percentage of people who got abortions. Roberts wrote about how society also blames African American women for black poverty. This is confusing to me because it is hard to blame a group of people for this but if someone were to be blamed I am not so sure who else could be besides them. Ultimately, what I took from the reading is that black mothers are treated as inferior and with no respect.
Looking at One of Roberts’ arguments saying that African American poverty is blamed on African American fertility is a very hard argument for me to pick a side in. I think this is a very cruel scapegoat in order to blame something for African American poverty. Although this is very bitter accusation, I can almost somewhat agree with it. I am not agreeing with this statement towards blacks specifically, but all different races as well. I have heard plenty of success stories in regards to a child being born into poverty and growing up to be self made millionaires. While these stories exist and are often shown off to the world, the stories of children being born into poverty and remaining in poverty their whole lives are not. Though it is very harsh and relates to mothers of all races, this argument has some truth to it. Many kids born into poverty remain in poverty their whole lives because not having money plays a huge part in the window of opportunity. I can only imagine how hard it is to succeed with little opportunity, as I was granted a tremendous amount and still am not having the easiest time cruising through life. Once again, this statement is definitely harsh but holds some truth. You can not blame white fertility for black poverty or vice versa. Though it is mean all African American children are born from one or two African American parents, meaning the ultimate cause for black poverty, success, death or anything is technically because of black fertility.

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