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Beth A Grillo It540 Management Of Information Security Assignment Unit 2

297 words - 2 pages

Unit 2 Assignment: Security Policy Implementation
Beth A. Grillo, MHA, CPC-A
July 19th, 2016
IT540-01: Management of Information Security
Dr. Kenneth Flick
Kaplan University

Table of Contents
Unit Two Assignment: Security Policy Implementation 3
Part 1: Step 29 3
Part 1: Step 36 3
Part 3: Step 33 4
Part 3: Significance of Strict Password Policy 5
Reference 6

Unit Two Assignment: Security Policy Implementation

Part 1: Step 29

Part 1: Step 36

Part 3: ...view middle of the document...

According to a Guest Contributor on TechRepublic (2006), the need for “an effective password policy is to prevent passwords from being guessed or cracked”. According to Coconut Daily (2013), “Weak passwords are extremely vulnerable to cracking techniques such as a brute force attack, in which a cracker uses an automated tool to try every single possible password or key until the correct one is found. Brute force techniques are extremely effective at cracking short passwords or passwords in a limited search space (such as those based off a dictionary word)”. For example, when working in a medical practice the information being protected is patient personal information. The password policy needs to be strict according to the HIPAA laws. The personal information within the patient’s medical record requires strict password protection. If the patient’s medical record is viewed by someone that is not authorized, it is considered a HIPAA violation.

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