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Best Way To Motivate Your Employees

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Best way to motivate your employees in an organization

Create a pleasant atmosphere
Your employees spend a large chunk of their lives working in your office so you should try to make office as comfortable and as friendly as possible. Create a space that is not cramped. Employees like specious cubicles and offices. Make sure that the temperature of the office isn’t too cold or too hot. Create a pleasant ambiance through lighting, put bulbs that are easier on eyes.

Take advantage of your wall space
Your employees will spend a large time staring at your walls, so this is a great place to catch their attention and motivate them into doing better work. Put up bullets in the board where people can paste photos and birthday cards. This will make your employees more relax and ...view middle of the document...

Create a festive environment through food. Always celebrate all the cultural occasions in the office like Eid, Christmas and New Year

Institute Casual Dress Days
Causal dress days will make people more excited to go to work. You can institute a casual Friday.

Recognize your employees on an individual basis
If an employee has done something truly outstanding then you should take the time to let them know. Instead of telling “everyone is doing well” take a time to pull up a person to your office and appraise him or her. If an employee has helped you reached the objectives at a quicker pace, make an announcement to praise that person. Don’t be afraid to follow your words up with a round of applause.
Reward your employees for hard work
Give your employees small rewards like movie or match tickets, Reward them with time off. If somebody is performing really well let them go an hour before. Reward with employees with telecommute (the employees who does the most work, can be allowed to work from home for a day) just make sure this doesn’t make it look like everyone will prefer to work from home.

Get to know your employees
You may feel like you are too busy to get time to get to know your employees. if you develop a strong relationship with your employees you will not only have a better sense of what make them happy .they will like you more and you will be in a better relationship with them. Initiate a coffee Friday where you spend 20 min chatting with an employee, you can always ask questions about their family. You don’t have to necessarily talk about work. Learn something about employee’s families, remember that employees are real people with real families and struggles. Try to find about their interest.
Create social events
You should celebrate the cultural events in office like Pakistan Day, New Year, Eid and Christmas

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