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Best Snacks Essay

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Best Snacks Problem Solution

October 15, 2011
Best Snacks Problem Solution
Best Snacks, Inc. is has been in business for 150 years and within the past two years the sales have been slipping (Scenario, 2006). Due to the increase of businesses in the same snack market Best Snacks must figure out a way to increase the sales and to be in the number one spot again. With Best Snacks having comfort of being success the past few years they have now discovered that they must find creative and innovative ways to sell the snacks that the business has been built on. The areas that Best Snacks will need to focus on are sales, marketing new ideas and management support. With over ...view middle of the document...

While Best Snacks believed that the success of yester-year has carried them now the market has widened and it is now affecting the sales. What Best Snacks needs to keep in mind is that the increase sale will come from the well-researched and developed ideas, which has not been implemented lately. So with Sabrina’s disposition it already encounters that she is in full agreement with the plan. The next issue is to market the product at an angle that will be appealing to the customer, while still being affordable. With the competition starting to gain momentum Best Snacks needs to be able to keep up with the masses by adhering to what the customer is wanting and how to implement change without failing Best Snacks. Sabrina’s task of being creative and innovative will to be specific, measureable, achievable, relevant and have a timeframe (SMART) (Sadeen, 2010). The implemented plan will need to have a positive outlook for the team players, employees, and most importantly the customers.

Describe the Situation
Issue and Opportunity Identification
Although Best Snacks Inc. is a 150 year old company in the last 10 years the company has suffering a slip in sales. The slip in sales is due partly to the fact that there are other companies who are providing the same service which gives customers more choices. Sabrina has been chosen to defeat the competition and she has decided to start with involving the employees by having surveys conducted (Scenario, 2006). These surveys that have been conducted included what needs to be reviewed, improved on and implemented. The employee surveys produced that the training and development of creativity should be enforced as well as the employees having the support of the management team. If the ideas of the employees are to be used for the betterment of Best Snacks it can possibly increase the sales of the snacks which will help bring Best Snacks to the standings that they were once at. Once the creativity has been implemented to providing some innovative changes the new ideas that are marketed will help to develop a more consistent sales promotion for the company and therefore incentive programs will be developed to reward the employees or management team. With this survey there will be plenty of communication and no room for any one’s input due to the content of creativity and innovation. Now that the survey has become the focal point of the creative and innovative process of Best Snacks the employees have a closer relationship with the managers and are more eager to share the thoughts and ideas. So now they are all experiencing how to create and implement an innovative plan that will satisfy all parties involved. Sabrina and the main players are aware that they must take into consideration that whatever the outcome is it must be a realistic and that all for parties to be in agreement. The opportunity that Best Snacks, Inc. has is the reputation that they have created for themselves and their dedication...

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